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Name: Zexkan Age: 15 Race: Human Weapon: Black Magic and Blood Magic Appearance: He is sort of short for his age and wears black robes when alone or in the company of equals (Mages and Supernaturals) otherwise he wears plain black slacks and a black long sleeve shirt. He wears a black cross around his neck, carved with strange black symbols, though he usually keeps this hidden. His black hair hangs long covering most of his face. What can be seen of his upper arms seems to be covered with some sort of black tattoo that seems to stretch onto his back. His eyes seem to shine with an almost unnatural red. Personality: He tends to be a quiet, withdrawn person though he sometimes gets caught up with things that interest him. He is a kind person but that applies equally to humans and non-humans. He thinks before he does anything and tends to plan a lot. Because of the Demon seal his personality is slightly unstable so he is sometime hard to predict. Bio: While he keeps it a secret, Zexkan was born with immense Black Magical powers. Unfortunately at a young age he wasn't able to control them. This then lead to an event which almost revealed his powers to the common folk, before his parents were finally able to stop him. It order to control his power they bound a powerful demon (Nexosus) to him to hold back his powers. Because of the seal Zexkan;s black magic at all is severely limited, though occasionally when his gets angry or upset the barrier starts to weaken. His parent ashamed that there child would do something like that and coupled with the fact that his magic was no longer power decided to send him off somewhere where he wouldn't bother them. Since then he tends to spend his time traveling between various cities. Other: His Lucky number 13 and he likes to paint.