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Name: Dregnar
Age: 30, Appears around 25
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Usually a quiet, soft spoken person, who cares about helping other people, though he seems to have a sadness hidden within his eyes. Though occasionally he does get angry.
Bio: Spent may years as a vampire hunter before having a change of heart, instead working to change vampires into upstanding citizens.He also started the Vampire Reformation and Restitution Committee, but is still currently the only member. (See long 1st person Bio below)
Powers: Physical Empowerment and Warding, Binding, and Protection Rituals, plus a little White Magic.
Weapons: Oversized Crossbow
Hobbies: Fishing and Reading Horror Novels
Appearance: Tall, skinny person who tends to dress in black, he favors light model clothing. He is often coughing and seems to look slightly sickly all of the time. He wears small spectacles and talks in a soft whispery voice. He also looks about five years younger then he really is and he seems to have an unnatural strength.
More History: - First Person
Dead Vampire Girlfriend = Helen
I don't mind telling it but for it to make sense you should probably know a little bit about my past. Many years ago when I was around ten I was merely the young son of two loving parents, they were pot makes and they were quite good at it. We lived a ways out of town and we has to drive to the town to sell our pots to the shop that hired us to make them. They advertised them as handmade pots and if I remember correctly they sold quite well, though my memory is slightly fuzzy about it.
Unfortunately one evening while we were heading toward the store we saw a man standing in the middle of the road. My father tried to avoid him but while he was trying to do so he skidded off the road and crashed into a tree. We thought we were lucky that all of us survived the crash, but it would have probably have been better had we died in it.
The true horror was when my parents learned that the person they had almost ran over was a vampire, and they where his prey. I remember their screams as clearly as if it happened yesterday. While I remember little of the scenery I do remember his face, the my parents bodies and blood. Blood was everywhere, on the vampire on my parents, over me. I didn't know at the time why he spared me. Back then I though it was because he wanted me to leave in horror and he did it out of cruelty. It was then that hatred first entered my heart. I hated that vampire with a passion, and through him I began to hate all vampires.
With that hatred to drive me, I began my plans for revenge. It is a seductive thing, revenge, it wispers to you until you believe that only it can exist and you will do anything to complete it. And I did. I learned quickly, within months I had apprenticed myself to a vampire hunter and a year later when he was killed by a vampire who he was hunting I lead the hunt to avenge him. During those years I killed many vampires, now I realize that the only thing I did was murder.
I never thought to consider the vampire's side of the story and to ask why they did what they did. But revenge blinds a person. Soon I became known as one of the best, I was well payed and I was slightly famous. But that never mattered to me, only killing vampires did. By that time I had changed from wanting revenge on one vampire to wanting revenge on all vampires.
One day I was traveling through a town and I heard rumors of a vampire in the town. And indeed there were vampires, not one but three. Apparently it was a family of vampires. There had been attacks but nobody had died, but that didn't matter to me. They were vampires and I would stop at nothing to kill them.
I snuck into their house during the day when they were inactive, so that I could slain them while they were helpless. Finding their crypt I stabbed a stake through the heart of the mother and the child, but the father wasn't there. I was in such a hurry to kill them that I didn't realize that he hadn't been in town that night and the he had been away, doing what I never found out.
Angry at myself I quickly learned where he had headed off to and I quickly followed. It was evening by the time I found him but by that time he was already awake. It was a long battle and at the end we proved more or less even. He managed to escape from me and by that time I was to tired to follow him. Since then he had attempted many time to take revenge on me for killing his family, and since I had my realization I would have let him kill me, if my life was mine to live. Well, I suppose that is my story, I don't know how well I told it though.