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BlendMasters Records
Wednesday, 13 February 2013
update;1/13/2013;in June......
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: in most diehard music genre fans hearts and minds.....
OK,very quickly,looks like my return to the states will happen around the beginning of June,let's see if all goes well,sometimes stuf happens that completely sends one scrambling to adjust,be back in a bit with more,thanks again for stopping by.-john brito(BlendMasters Records)

Posted by dragon3/b_records at 2:29 PM EST
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Sunday, 27 May 2012
Operations update for the week ending 6/2/2012:Memorial Day weekend edition;the powerful Deep Freestyle music genre;fiscal goals at a glance....
Mood:  cool
Now Playing: in most powerful Deep Freestyle music genre hearts and minds.....

Before anything,thanks for stopping by and welcome back to da supersite if you've been here before,plus,Maggie,ya tu sabes.Gotta keep myself in a good mood otherwise the havoc that is will get to me.                                                                                                                                                So then,last August I figured I'd take a flight to Puerto Rico to visit with relatives,at the same time and as part of the trip I also checked on an important decade old business deal,only to find out of a loss unreal,which caused a flight plan change,which then caused the end of the Pearl Street home of The Ministers Lair,due to yet another deal gone bad and now I'm headed back around the beginning of September to begin yet another reconstruction/relocation of what is a pretty incredible music studio.                                                                                                                                         Though it's gonna be a ton of hard work,when you're John Brito the music producer,working to develop the registered BlendMasters Records,Kalientte Records,and Bronx Island Records record labels,plus,the Ministers Lair music production studio,Sinister Sounds music concerts company,Sinister Music Productions,music production company and Sinister Minister DJ company,some pretty cool music business enterprises I managed to start,you got it,what keeps me going lately is the fact that my debut set of singles are done and more importantly,my Reactionary Stance dance album,there's a desire to reach the stage for this album in good form so deep,mentally it's where I am a good bit of the time,like I wanna be this huge genre star.Thanks to what is the powerful Deep Freestyle music genre,a music so incredible,I bet you can relate.To close this week's update,a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend to all,good health and many more.                                                                                                                                                 Posted below  are several key updates and write ups,along with a glance at what the current BlendMasters Records,scheduled for release,music catalog looks like,and also posted below is the highlighted pictorial link.Be safe and be sure to stop by every Sunday as usual for the latest on what is the BlendMasters Records music world,see you then,and thanks again.-John Brito(BlendMasters Records)  

Link to Photo Album BlendMasters Records and The Modern Day Ministers Lair pictorial 2008

                          For those interested in getting in touch with us,you can do so via mail@John Brito-BlendMasters Records P.O.Box 1771 Paterson,New Jersey 07509-1771 or via,or by phone through our current telephone line@1-787-399-4494,which is a temporary number,which will be working until I arrive stateside during the Fall of this year.                   

Posted by dragon3/b_records at 8:56 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 27 May 2012 9:28 PM EDT
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Sunday, 12 June 2011
Operations word for the week ending 6/18/2011;The Smurf Crew Sizzlers supergroup......Happy Puerto Rican Day parade NYC bros.
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: @most happening Bronx Style music genre production realms......
Totally@a point in time foreseen yet not believed would happen,welcome back if you've been here before and welcome if it's your first time visiting the supersite.The last couple of updates will be kept up so as to allow for your review and so the saga continues.Backlogged by about 2 weeks in matters adjacent to da Lair's survival,let's see if this month serves us better than the last.production wise I'm entering this week to a return to my full production schedule,where Saturday I've to mixdown the ''A Little Silence,A Little Music''songwork,first track for The Master Syndrome album I'm currently working on,till Saturday I'll be working on the songwriting for what is The Smurf Crew Sizzlers supergroup debut single,something I named''I don't Know(Can ya Tell me)'',which is such a super musical to date with an incredible Bronx Style flavoured chorus keyline and drum programming.Though things are ever so slow business wise,it's the music art that continues to be my number one concern,there,we're on the money,very tight are the songwork productions and Cueva Beats based titles so far,it's where one gives up on such dreams that trouble  really starts,bad guys thrive on the destruction of key figures,places and things,seldom do they enter to attempt the destruction of something with no future,so to speak,of course I'll not allow the operation to die,it's a livelyhood all too important.This week marked yet another NYC Puerto Rican Day parade affair,which I came to know of too late in the week to set aside funds for,our hometown version scheduled for the last week of August is one I'll more than likely cover,it's been catch up as of late due to such a torrid Winter,we've learned a bit better though how to handle what a heating bill conjures up and so on that note,our weekly update may be cut short say we don't make the quota bill wise,it would only be for a couple of weeks though,and so if ya notice a lapse of a week or 2,then pretty much that's what happened,just tune in weekly on Sundays as usual,I'm sure I'll still continue to post,as long as I can do so from the local library or what have you,thanks for stopping by and see ya next week with more of what is the BlendMasters Records music world,thanks again plus a very special hello to Darlene Williams,very timely telephone call let me tell ya,see ya next week with more.-John Brito(BlendMasters Records)

Posted by dragon3/b_records at 7:49 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 12 June 2011 7:56 PM EDT
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Monday, 18 April 2011
Operations word for the week ending 4/23/2011:The BlendMasters Records record label....
Mood:  sharp
Now Playing: @most Cueva Beats get togethers boyee!

Backlogged by a week or so,due to the last water boiler gone bust having caused the loss of some much needed overtime pay,welcome back if you're a diehard/regular and welcome if it's your first time visiting us here@da supersite,currently we're@THe Master Syndrome album production marker,looking to get back to my production schedule in a week or 2,of course I've been off since December or so due to a large doubling of da Lair's electricity bill,there's no actual direct baseboard heater,a mock one runs through the main room here and on towards upstairs,we've no thermostat control of it because it's not included in our dealings,and so,it all leaving me to use an electric heater,which is phenomenal in the area of bringing the lite bill to such a high  degree.Probably the worst Winter yet here@Lair central,this our 3rd year here@the Pearl St.annex,bit of a victim I'd say of yet more needless red tape or something.I mean,give me a break,I'm working on The Master Syndrome album,like I'm out to become this genre superstar,like,the ''John Brito:Reactionary Stance'' album is done and quietly awaiting and/ or on the vocals overdub schedule.In addition to the''Gone is Forever'',''What do ya Wanna do Now'',and ''I am not Alone''powerful Deep Freestyle music genre debut super singles,which is a road that contains a couple of more songworks,it's just that being pressed for time I listed perhaps those very quickly,additional vocals scheduled include my parts within The Latin Hip Hop Warriors supergroup debut singles and also work scheduled includes vocals for stuff attached to the currently gigantic sounding,recently formed,Smurf Crew Sizzlers supergroup,which is of course something I figured should be because of it's rotating schematic.A supergroup with a core set of base members,yet with slots for guest vocals and thensome.The first songwork for this crew is one of my dual sided,once back to full production,on the table tasks,it's called''I Don't KNow(Can ya Tell me)''and it's a sizzler,a really heartfelt jam crooning of the genre,it's history,what we're out to do and why,the work changes over to a bone crushing structure post it's verse 1 and 2 opening or so taking all into the parentheses''Can yaTell me''mini chorus part,which is just sweltering with exactly the kind of work I'm dying to do,pure in mind and spirit,wholesome in aesthetic,Deep Freestyle.God forbid ya catch some sounds during my production hours(5pm-7pm.Mon,Tuesds,THursds)once I'm passed yet another week or two of eyeing out the whole weather vs.heater usage thing.Very close for comfort brothers,it has been and/or is.Ok,I better get to sleep before I end up in the sleep deprived personell clinic,yuk!I'm in such a deep concentration of all of this,my weight is down from nearly 260 to 185 pounds,pictures coming in a week or two,along with the trademark black sunbloc striping of my upper cheekbone,bottomside eyebrow area and stuff,just like envisioned.Like the music of it all is just so incredible,the dreams vision of it all carries a weight class and so that's been reached pretty much,which has me feeling very good because I'm down to the last ingredient,vocals rehearsal.More next week on the BlendMasters Records music world,thanks for stopping by,the last couple of updates and key write ups are up and posted below this one for your review,and so be good,bring your dream to life if it's related,bit by bit you'll get there,I'm proof.Oh yeah,the Crash Crew is always trying to foul things up but that's where we win out,if we stick to our plans and goals set,Thanks again,see ya in a few.-John(BlendMasters Records)

Posted by dragon3/b_records at 2:20 AM EDT
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Thursday, 7 April 2011
Late edition word for the week ending 4/16/2011:The powerful Deep Freestyle music genre;coming soon....
Mood:  lyrical
Now Playing: @most hardcore music production places like.......La.......Cue...
Pressed for time as of late due to all of the extra after hours work attached to my maintenance duties here@the Pearle st.annex of da Lair.What I'd like to say is welcome back if you're a diehard and welcome if it's your first time here,we're currently@the  production marker of The Master Syndrome album.I'm dying to move further on it but haven't been able to because of da Lair's heating bill's a yearly gruel that comes with prefix,let me tell ya,like me and the whole journey towards becoming a good,if you will latter described music genre superstar keeps me going,I need a good dance company to bring life to my vision of the''What do ya wanna do Now''songwork.It's such a major thing,like something I wanna do and stuff because of the awesome stat it'll bring fans of said music genre,moreso though,it's such a thing that burns deep within,like a lifespan write up.Kid comes to life,see's glimpse of ''others''and embarks on reaching his imagined state,knowing well what is the cavernous effort and work ethic needed to even be seen as a ''pretty cool'' stage show,mind you.Gotta run,be sure to tune in next week for more and also posted below are some key updates I'k like to keep up so as to keep an ever so  growing population informed.On that note,Smurf Crew Sizzlers supergroup,it's time,let's get there and do it up as planned.-John(BlendMasters Records)

Posted by dragon3/b_records at 1:41 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 7 April 2011 1:44 AM EDT
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Thursday, 17 March 2011
Early edition word for the week ending 3/26/2011/Late edition for the week ending 3/19/11:THe Smurf Crew Sizzlers supergroup and the awesome World of Latin Hip Hop.....
Mood:  bright
Now Playing: @most Deep Freestyle get togethers.......
The powerful Deep Freestyle music genre.Talk about a music genre with so much of a joining.Oh yeah,the''What do ya Wanna do Now''songwork is something out of a songwork production completion mirror image of a  force to serve.If you will,it's musically displaying just exactly what caliber of stage work enthrallment the BlendMasters Records music label is seeking to re-establish within a music scene void.Be sure to tune in post this update's  expiration date or what have you,same time and stuff for more news on what is the BlendMasters Records music world.The last few write ups will remain up for your review as usual,I'm not to alone in my quest to become such a triumph,for now I'm very much on the production of The Smurf Crew Sizzlers supergroup debut music,the songwork is titled''I don't know(Can ya tell Me''),plus there's the pending mixdown of the''A Little Silence,A Little Music''songwork,which is pretty much done sans some last minute proofing I'll be doing this week or so,post the latest paint job come my way,hey!Let me get going if it's that I'm to stay on the beaten path,keyword:Stagework development.See ya in a few,thanks for stopping by da supersite.-John Brito(BlendMasters Records)  

Posted by dragon3/b_records at 2:42 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 7 April 2011 1:15 AM EDT
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Sunday, 6 March 2011
Operations word for the week ending 3/12/2011:John Brito:The Master Syndrome via the powerful Deep Freestyle music genre...............
Mood:  suave
Now Playing: @most hardcore music producer people,places,and studios ....
You got it,last week I totally ran out of time and since taking on the next door related side jobs,it's been come home from work and right out the door to the side jobs,which were needed and stuff due to the prior month long boiler ordeal,where 3 boilers about 3 weeks apart went down and had to be replaced.One caused me to take off from my day job,no problem yet the books were affected because the sick day taken disqualified the man from the incoming 10 hour ot pay and that just wrecked the incoming months bill and rent payments,though troubled,I love canoli pastries and milk and the whole embarking on the journey to becoming a hot,powerful Deep Freestyle music genre superstar,I mean,in production I'm in awe of my last songwork completion,the''What do ya Wanna do Now''super styled songwork,where the pending mixdown of The Master Syndrome album's first track;''A Little Silence,A Little Music''is a bronze  medallion triumph,I've to complete the songwriting proofing,production@ a near standstill due to the brutal winter and the mark it has left on the lite bill budget scheme,face it,I'm out to be this mega latter described music genre star,it's like living adjusting to the whole constance.I know of the amount of diehards awaiting for such a timeline to be reached and it's such a help at times,especially on days when all seems doomed by the Crash Crew,it's a sensed support so special,I don't need to log in to see how many hits to da supersite occured etc etc etc Ok,I better get going,re-presses and cd no.8's quote are currently being worked for a more conductive year entrance.It is a very special music,and a very special people/fanbase,I'm much in peace because of it all sans my personal goals set,the desire to reach the stage in said form greatly aided by what da Lair allows,I figure so far it's as tight a production catalog as need be,just gotta stick to the career development I carved out.Thanks for stopping by da supersite,be sure to join us next week on Sunday for more on the BlendMasters Records music world,be good,keep warm,and yes,next door to da Lair and the first floor on top will be vacant for the following month,for more info contact Marino Montesino@1-973-620-5056,levels are pretty contained by the whole basement suite thing and my production schedule is a 5pm to 7pm or so,Monday,Tuesday,Thursday affair with Saturdays from 2pm to 7pm or so to wrap up productions to boot,if you are of a similiarity and/or can relate and have stable employment,I believe topside is 650 and next door 550 per month,1 month security and rent required,it's all a standard gruel really,call da man for a more exact quote and stuff.Thanks for stopping by once again, and see ya next week.-John Brito(BlendMasters Records) 

Posted by dragon3/b_records at 7:14 PM EST
Updated: Sunday, 6 March 2011 7:20 PM EST
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Sunday, 16 January 2011
Operations word for the week ending 1/22/11;The Smurf Crew Sizzlers Production news......
Mood:  celebratory
Now Playing: @most Smurf Crew Sizzlers superjams and get togethers......

So,then,you mean,you know all about what The Smurf Crew Sizzlers supergroup and stuff is all about .I still have to finish up The Master Syndrome's first track/songwork;A Little Silence,A Little Music.A very industrious thing,where music production is so important,and the powerful Deep Freestyle music genre religion such a constant,it's still very early,timewise,in the BlendMasters Records hunt to become such a household item.Sounds great huh?You should see what the first 3 segments of The Smurf Crew Sizzlers first songwork sounds like,you'd probably just move closer to your own personal solo work goals like me,figuring offline''I wanna be a hot dance music superstar,I'm gonna make it,I'm good because I work on it and my music study never stops.My production work of 89 titles and counting for the BlendMasters Records superlabel is just the beginning.I mean when you finally make it back to like some select dance club in NYC for a pre-planned  nite out to work on club dancing,and/or dancing period,it's like,this is what I want to hear,plus definitely a large ton of After Dark Records/ADM material,like.because,it's what I dance to.Todd Terry stuff,Louie Vega,vintage Kenny Dope,FRankie Bones.Bronx Island Records is where I wanted to say,ok,who's with me,who knows me and can relate.There's people that when you mention John Brito;Reactionary Stance dance album,would probably kidnap you to hold you for ransom,it being a cd copy of it all,they'd freak out if they found proof I'm passed it's production,because they love this music dream so.Then again there's people that are out on something out of your worst nightmare,at the mention they'll brush you away to signal,of the latter path,life is like that.I say where your of self righteousness when it comes to such a thing as is the NYC underground music scene and stuff is important,so important,that daily,every second of everyday gets you thinking tons of mental glimpses of your first stagework/stage show/time out,then we're of same path.Right,I relate to people who live for production work of this nature,to me it's a phenom,something so incredible,like one day I was@Rock N Soul's record store listening to one of that year's biggest music scene explosion,Carlos Berrio's''Make Noise''supersingle,I thought''Oh Oh,there's others''.This music style makes for such great stage numbers and stars,and that's what I live for,I'm alive because I wanna be such thing,as is,a superstar per this music genre.The powerful Deep Freestyle music genre,one of my immediate thoughts after seeing my first ever Judy Torres''There's no Reason to Cry''show,which just left me swearing my day would come and I'd be even more of a hardliner.Smurf Crew Sizzlers is my latest supergroup creation,it's members know who they are and how we're gonna do this,I can't wait,we're bad as hell,we can't wait to reach our first rehearsal.How bad do you wanna be an NYC freestyle scene superstar,hardcore?I'm bent on this,see ya next Sunday by dinnertime or so with more,sometimes I'm late posting,my quests' inner sanctum.-John Brito-BlendMasters Records

Posted by dragon3/b_records at 10:55 PM EST
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Tuesday, 28 December 2010
Late edition word.....for the week ending 1/1/10:The powerful Deep Freestyle music genre;years end bits and pieces...
Mood:  suave
Now Playing: in my heart......
Alright,our apologies for the late post,hope you are all well,and welcome back to da supersite,and also welcome if it's your first time here.This is where every week on Sundays by dinnertime or so I put together an update of a sort on what is the BlendMasters Records music world.Posted below are the last couple of updates,including the music catalog listing article,which is 2nd to last if you scroll down,which details and lists what our press ready catalog looks like,key write up if it's that you're a diehard and/or at least can relate.In a bit of of a rush sort of,I'm going to be quick this time around as per yesterdays blizzard had me up all night tackling it's mayhem,just around a foot of snow every time I came out throughout the nite to keep it's at bloom at bay,so as to not be overcome in the morning with an unworldy amount to shovel here@da Lair's Pearl st.annex of it all.And so the fiscal word I had planned for this week is going to have to wait until this coming Sunday,it'll get done though,also gives me time to word it out better and stuff.Production wise I'm still on the first track''A Little Silence,A Little Music'',for The Master Syndrome dance album I'm currently working on for myself,to be released post the John Brito:Reactionary Stance mini,it was a very good year production wise,once again da Lair came to show that it is in fact the super music production realm I designed it to be,equipment wise.From the vocals recorded with it's new Tascam DP-01 8 track-digital multitrack/Behringer 1222 fx super audio mixer for The Black Forest deep house title to the monumental Reactionary Stance album's super flow,to the CD no.89 or so,post the latter,Deep Freestyle tinged super single ''What do ya wanna do Now'',it's just a place that has aided me greatly in the music production skill development department,totally a wunderkind.Where the world around me fails to be the equally impressive host,da Lair lures me to within it's aesthetic to bring me such a peace of mind,which is pretty much needed when it comes to music production,if you don't have that lightning fast,powerful,quick to arrange,work surface,with such amenities as the midi sync master Korg MX-1's processing power,then producing comes to be that much harder.Sales and stuff are important somewhat,but that stuff pretty much comes via several things,such as time and continuous effort to exist really as a fountain of a sort,serving what are cd titles akin to what is the BlendMasters Records sound.Awesome sounding right?That's pretty much what da Lair is,awesome.On that note,be sure to stop by next Sunday by dinnertime or so for the New Year's opening word,where hopefully I can go over this year's fiscal stats and next years fiscal goals and a bit more news production side.All in all it's a great position to be in,sole proprietor,great music catalog and counting,hot place to work music,frontman of 3 registered record labels,alongside a music production company,home based music production studio,dj/lite and sound company,and a music concerts company arrangement,all to serve as a shopping mall/learning center of a sort,catering music production power,which I use to put together more and more of what is an awesome Freestyle music sound,it's great to be the boss in charge of approving what gets released and stuff.Yet I'm just another case of the meek trying to overcome a phantom menace more or less,making music and working on bringing to life an envisioned incredible stage presence,I wanna see myself complete The Reactionary Stance dance album mission,which is to be a pikes peak scale.I'm him,and though upset at times because of shortfalls seen of key people,places and music,it goes to show,as one impresses oneself more and more,evil continues it's pursuit of you,it's demise coming soon thereafter via the employment of raw,relentless,effort to remain.Thanks for stopping by,have a safe and Happy New Years Day celebration,join us on Facebook via adding us,listed under/as John Brito,on MYSpace aka,be good,keep your dream alive,see ya next week with more-John(BlendMasters Records)

Posted by dragon3/b_records at 1:06 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 28 December 2010 1:24 AM EST
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Sunday, 24 October 2010
(re-edited for typos on/or around 11/8/10):Operations word for the week ending 10/30/10;THe BlendMasters Records music catalog;at a glance....
Mood:  sharp
Now Playing: @most Cueva fan jams....

                                          And so early on it was my acoustic guitar that helped me get started in music actually.From about the age of 8 until my early teen years I’d pick it up whenever I’d get bothered and just went off mimicking that I was good,and I actually came to see myself getting better and better with all of the practice.

                        Mom tried getting me to learn the whole note reading thing,however the lessons were very costly,eventually we had to stop the whole thing but I still went on practicing,and getting to know the instrument to such a degree that I’d actually see firsthand that I could make it do what I mentally heard.

                        One day while in Puerto Rico the guitar stayed behind as a memento and on I went.Next came my mom’s Casio keyboard gift,it was 1983-84 or so and breakdancing had hit the scene and expanded to such heights that battling by crews on street corners appeared and would draw people quickly.Right around that timeline I figured ok,that music is super,whoah!if only I could get my hands on that type of gear,back then it was very early still as far as music production gear development,there was the awesome sounding music and I figured ok,it’s being produced perhaps through massive tracking on 2 inch tape and stuff,cases where breakbeats and stuff were making it to wax out of just people hitting a studio or whatever and laying out beats and samples or what have you,which helped many songworks get started.Pretty much I grew up through the whole 1975-1985 emergence of underground music.

                        Like I saw the difference between songworks and just breakbeats,and how the different radio stations catered it via mastermix shows,which broke many records and helped many kids growing with me see that there were people out there just getting started in doing what we came to want to do,the whole deejaying,music production,stage show,supergroup development thing.

                        The year 1986 came around and I snuck into my first New York dance club,I was already well schooled,knew all of the local city music people,some were older,some kids were even with me,same age and stuff,and some were younger.In 1986 I was 16.Little Louie Vega,The Latin Rascals,The Cover Girls,Judy Torres,all of those people had just landed and like clubbing was the thing to do.Once inside of The Roseland Ballroom on 52nd st. in New York,it set in my mind that I wanted to do like I saw,I came to be a club and scene junkie,even if I didn’t have money to buy records or gear,I’d window shop until I knew it all,what gear was out,what keyboards did what,and how was it that Afrikka Bambaatta and the Soul Sonic Force come to make all of that music?And so mentally I started shaping my current sound.

                        The powerful Deep Freestyle music genre sounded perfect for describing the style of production I wanted to do.Terms like Latin Hip Hop breakbeats,the Futures Fall music genre,Roseland Style music,Freestyle,hard house,Chicago house music,and edit based music production were in my vocabulary.

                        I saw many,many,many stage shows,pretty much most of the already established artists of the genre.The presence of music editor Carlos’’After Dark’’Berrios hit me one day while record shopping in the NYC Rock and Soul record store,and I came to solidify more of what is my current sound.I ran hard as well,pretty much it’s human nature yet the seed planted of the whole scene kept me in a frenzy,no matter what I’d always come to think,I want to do this,I want to have my own studio,I want to mastermix,I want to produce what is this music and I want to become a sizzlin’stage show,poised,well designed,and on a base of heartfelt songworks.I wanted my own copy of those careers because it fascinated me,and I believed many would be fascinated by me the way I was by all of who I saw.It was a long,hard,grueling journey,the whole road to the production of my Reactionary Stance album,but that’s how far I am in the whole matter of my music career.It’s a serious thing to me,I want to be a hot star like the hot stars I saw,figured it’s just hustle,ya just have to keep at it until you get there,like it’s this burning desire that drives you and keeps you moving towards getting there.To me,it even seems,to give you the vision to see what you need to do in order to reach that personal height.

                        The beauty of it all is in the relief felt when you see that you are not alone,that in fact there are many like you on the same journey,which can be lonely because the other people like you are journeying as well,traveling like yourself towards that mentally seen point in time,and so we keep a certain privacy,living however with each other in mind,thinking,let’s get there,because we’re never gonna be satisfied with being just fans of the genre and stuff.



               Ok,so,here’s what’s done and on the release schedule,liner notes where applicable.Couple things on it songworks wise are gonna be released for show with the hope of and so make note,Songwork titles ‘’up for licensing’’will be the ones with the liner notes in parentheses.Everything else songwork wise was made/produced by myself with direction,meaning some stuff is for my 3 music groups in development;The Latin Hip Hop Warriors,The Masters of Black supergroup,The Los Salsa Boys salsa crew etc etc etc .


                        On that note,here’s what the BlendMasters Records,currently press ready,scheduled for release,music catalog looks like/contains.


Cd no.1 BlendMasters:The Sinister Minister

Cd no.2 BlendMasters:Vol.2

Cd no.3 Chicago:Deep the Dub

Cd no.4 BlendMasters Realm

Cd no.5 Voyager:Voyage 5

Cd no.6 Rockin Vibrations

Cd no.7 BlendMasters:House Revisited

                                                                                                                                                                                      *Note:those are the currently listed with CD titles.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        *Our next release is the infamous Cd no.8 BlendMasters 8:the 691 Statutes

                                                                                                                                      *Which will be followed by the resumed listing below.


Cd no.9 Chapter 9:Deep

Cd no.10 NYC House

Cd no.11 the Cd Mega single;Once upon the Devil(super,hardhouse fantasm title)

Cd no.12 Chapter 12:the Ministers Lair

Cd no.13 John Brito:B-10

Cd no.14 John Brito:Monsters of the MX

Cd no.15 John Brito:3014

Cd no.16 The Devil’s Son Band:Superimposition pt.1

Cd no.17 The Devil’s Son Band:Superimposition pt.2

Cd no.18 John Brito:Masters of House

Cd no 19 Kid Sinista

Cd no.20 John Brito:Think of Love(currently looking for artist to recite the poem over the music etc etc etc.)

Cd no.21 Key the Lair

Cd no.22 The Sinestre no hay Nadie como tu NYC Dub title

Cd no.23 Deep into House

Cd no.24 The Sinister Zone EP

Cd no.25 The Raiden Proportion

                                                                                                                                                                Cd no.26 The Reggaetton Wars(break beats title)                                                                                                                                                             

Cd no.27 Breakers Suite CD title:Enter the Dance

Cd no.28 691 Transient Deep House title:Masters of House pt.2;The Forest ranger

Cd no.29 The Super Trance Project

Cd no.30 BlendMasters Records theme title

Cd no.31 The Devil’s Son Band:Superimposition pt.3

Cd no.32 The Latin House Project

Cd no.33 That Supertrance Style

Cd no.34 Rock da Body

Cd no.35 El Man Sinestre:Something special for you

Cd no.36 Get Souped

Cd no.37 Breakdancin 2007

Cd no.38 Deep into Rockin da House

Cd no.39 Masters of the Rhythm:Part 1

Cd no.40 Masters of the Rhythm:Part 2

Cd no.41 A Music Warlord

Cd no.42 Centuries into the Night(I put the song together with TKA/K7 in mind,ya pretty much gotta be them or a cool hard working  bunch,it’s up for licensing,get in touch with me as with all of the music songworks wise where indicated.)

Cd no.43 Supertrance:The beginning vocals sessions

Cd no.44 Out to Rock Forever aka The Demon Wars title

Cd no.45 Cueva Beats:Rabid BreakDance Era Flavoured Rhythms

Cd no.46 Cueva Beats pt.2:Deep into the Viles of Hip Hop

Cd no.47 All this Time(a powerful Deep Freestyle music genre songwork I put together for a local girl,still no answer,up for licensing till further notice.)

Cd no.48 Promise Me(a super hard Latin Hip Hop beats/Freestyle laced work made with another local girl in mind,still no concrete answer,currently available as well.)

Cd no.49 Straight Outta Time(made for a local girl,awol from project,really like a Corinna styled industry underground sizzler on wicked tinged structured beats and keywork,currently available,)

Cd no.50 Time to Time(made for some cousins of mine,timing all wrong,the entrance into production of what’s termed in Freestyle Underground music groupie circles as The Bronx Style music genre,where songworks are heartfelt over mind boggling drums and keys,currently available till further notice.)

Cd no.51 Gone is Forever(my powerful Deep Freestyle music genre debut dance single,I figured ok,I’m going for it,sky’s the limit,beautiful song too.)

Cd no 52 I am not Alone(my no.2 debut single,by then I was consumed with the notion that I can actually do this,just gotta stick to da beaten path,tons of rehearsal.)

Cd no.53 I was Wondering where You were(made with Freestyle superstar Tomax in mind,no word  as of yet,currently available till further notice.)

Cd no.54 Standing at the Windows of Time(made with Cutting Records artist,Safire in mind,no word as of yet,available till further notice,this is where I thought fine,the music will speak for me.)

Cd no.55 Do You Trust Me(so I took off to putting together works with established Freestyle music artist in mind,figuring they’ll see it’s something special they can’t pass by,this work was made with Lissette Melendez in mind,I figured good,she just might take it on,available till further notice.)

Cd no.56 Step into Some Loneliness(made with a mentally assembled crew of local,personally known girls in mind,which I currently dubbed Masters of the Dance,due to the 2nd debut single I managed to come up with and they’re overall poise and steel nerve looks,no word yet,available till further notice.)

Cd no.57 Running Outta Time(another glance in songwork production of what I term The Bronx Style music genre,this was a sizzler I put together for an NYC kid,but he relayed that what he wanted to do was Reggaetton/Hip Hop lyrical stuff,currently available till further notice.Great stage number overtones,super musical masterpiece,a point in time where I was just creating workloads just to get a chance to produce another songwork.)

Cd no.58 Girl I’m into You(made for this cat but to no avail,currently available,super heartfelt songwork.)

Cd no.59 Look at What You’ve done to Me(just a number I did to see if like a 5 member male crew would enter to rip it,currently available,it’s really classy.)

Cd no.60 Waiting for Tomorrow to Come(made with Paula Abdul in mind,like I was convinced she can really do this and have fun and even love it due to it’s working artist themes,no word yet,available till further notice,super dance track man.)

Cd no.61 Dreaming of the Night(so I figured ok,it’s such  a thrill to make something for like an established voice,on this round,I figured I’d make something hard and current for Mic Mac Records Freestyle artist Cynthia,and it’s just such a great songwork,no word yet,up till further notice.)

Cd no.62 I Hope You Never Leave(made for da man,I’m thinking about taking it on really,I don’t think I can just post that it’s available,like I really wanna do it now that what is happened,he’d probably want me to try it,wish me luck.)R.I.P......

Cd no.63 Be Alone;I only want to Be(my Latin Hip Hop Warriors supergroup in development debut single.)

Cd no.64 With You I’m going Nowhere(the Latin Hip Hop Warriors no.2 debut single.)

Cd no.65  Masters of Black-Take into the Night ;Morellia(at this is  point in time I was bringing it,like my supergroup is gonna be bad,I’ve yet to finalize the rosters though for the 4 groups/band.)

Cd no.66 Los Salsa Boys-Ven Salsero(so I started work for my salsa group in development,the staple Puerto Rican music producer/working artist thing.)

Cd no.67 The Black Forest Deep House title(first vocals recorded and mixed here@the current Pearl St homefront.The Behringer UB1222 fx pro mixer/Tascam DP-01 8-track,Behringer Amp 800 headphone,and out in the open microphone setup worked good enough,better than I thought yet as estimated,and all an outing that leaves me rating da Lair pretty viable,next up is a free vocal rehearsal/all around vocal work slot on Sunday afternoons,more or less 2 months away,tops.) 

Cd no.68 BlendMasters:Latin Beats:The Dangerous Eyes project(I think it’s my 3rd debut single,a powerful Deep Freestyle anthem,here I was working more and more to make sure my production was musically correct and heartily structured.)

Cd no.69 Masters of Black 2-Tradeoff;If I should need an Enemy(the no.2 Masters of Black supergroup idea debut single,killer track bros.)

Cd no.70 You’re in da Jungle(made for my Latin Hip Hop Warriors supergroup,this is one great song man if you can relate.)

Cd no.71 There’s always So Much Fun Love(again,another Latin Hip Hop Warriors debut single,this is where I’m starting to love production for The Latin Hip Hop warriors crew,if not the boys as planned(K-tel and co.)then I think I could find some diehards willing to do the hard work.)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cd CD no.72 You’re so Cruel to Me(another one of my debut singles,it was something cool.)                                                                                                                                                                Cd no.73 La Vida es Nuestra(made for my next door neighbor and some guys at work,no word yet,available till further notice,serious latin dance contender.)      

Cd no.74 And if I should ever Let One(another one of my debut singles,very much en route to the production of the Reactionary Stance album,little did I know.)

Cd no.75 Entering the Romance(a super single produced and stuff for my Latin Hip Hop Warriors thing,super stuff so far,whew!)

Cd no.76 Masters of the Dance;the club is where I’ll be(made for the previously metioned local crew of girls,I know if proper chance were given they'd take the work on.)

Cd no.77 The Love I have for You;Breaking Hearts(a latin beats/keylines tinged dance track I put gogether for myself,sort of out of an urge to keep doing work for myself,yet in earnest.)

Cd no.78 Up in da Bronx;One day of Love I’m asking(another one of my debut singles,this is where I’m sort of saying,ok people,let’s do this,those great nights we spent clubbing were great because of us,like we’re the in crowd,let’s get back there,.)

Cd no.79 Rejecting;Love was never for Neglect(Oh yeah,something else I’m gonna try doing,I mean,it’s in me.)

Cd no.80 To Live without Love;to live with love(the 1st of 2 songworks I produced with master Judy Torres in mind,I worked extra hard on these 2 songworks because as with all of my songworks made for/with certain artist in mind,I wanted her to see that I’m good and how deep it all is really,no word yet,up till further notice.)

Cd no.81 Take me and I(this being song no.2 of the latter mentioned idea,she just might do these 2 songs,she’s wise and hungry,I know she isn’t retiring just yet and I know in her heart this music lives.)

Cd no.82 I don’t Need Your Reactionary Stance(the title track off my recently  completed Reactionary Stance dance album,at this point in time,I’m nerved,very well nerved,I’m moving in on this because it’s gonna bring me this sense of accomplishment,if I can bring it all together onstage the way I envisioned.)

Cd no.83 When I saw Blood(song no.2 of the Reactionary Stance album.)

Cd no.84 Why not just Take it;Take it Slow(song no.3 off of the Reactionary Stance album,inspired by the suffered,those that never got/get that chance.)

Cd no.85 Forever Yours;Lady when I(song no.4 off the Reactionary Stance album,this is where I figured ok,I want this to be something of an art energy,and for people to feel what I feel.)

Cd no.86 Emptiness(song no.5 off of the Reactionary Stance album,a song to beat emptiness with,basically,where mostly I'm a coffee/cream music producer,very much into working sober,makes for a more enjoyable glass of wine later.)

Cd no.87 is the Lyrics form the Battle title(put together for a local city lyricist,not what he wanted,available till further notice,I’m working on something different for him because he wants to be the sole writer whereas in Lyrics from the Battle,if to no avail,I’d be the end writer.)


Closing:that’s where the done work listing ends,on the mixdown schedule is no.88,The Master Syndrome ep prelude/post Reactionary Stance album super dance single,the’’What do ya Wanna do Now’’songwork(a post Reactionary Stance album dance single I fell in love with post it's production completion due to it’s powerful Deep Freestyle music genre heart.)

                        I hope you can relate,and it’s something out of a work ethic divide really,it’s not stuff I foresaw and took off to bring to life,each and every work was just derived from deep within.Like I’ve these tools and chose them carefully because my goal was to carve this mental music scene extension,which up until now has surpassed my initial thoughts.Goes to show it’s raw musical growth,from Cd no.1 to no.42 was me saying ok,I’m back,from no.42 on I figured wait,Freestyle isn’t dead,not if I can help it.Thanks for stopping by,sorry for the delay,these things take so much time to put together,on that note,keep the dream alive,-John

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