Hello everyone! If you've been invited, then welcome. If you stumbled here by accdident, then how the hell did you stumble here?

Anyways...for those of you that don't know who I am yet, I'm William,and I'm assuming you were invited by my lovely assistant; Amy. Yeah, ok there's my formalities, now to the less polite stuff. If you have a weak constitution or just plain can't stand cussing and vulgarties, then goodbye now. If you can then keep reading.

Next off, obvously if you're here you know I'm doing an RPG game based upon a mix of two of the most awesome animes ever; Dragonball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho. Obviously that could make a great game, given the game master is good at what he does. Well, this is where we find out how good I am. From here on in, you decide wether you want to join, or be left behind.

Formal Warnings:
1)My favorite words include; shit, damn, bitch, cunt, hor, slut, cock gobler and fuck. Deal with it! If you can't handle that, goodbye.
2)Anything goes, obvously. Cussing, cheap shots(in game though), and well...anything. Don't like it, good bye.
3)I don't like you, so don't ask me anything stupid, or I'll be forced to kill off your character myself*evil laugh* You don't like it, goodbye.
4)This is not a democracy, it is a dictatorship, I'm the dick. Can't deal with it, good bye.
5)If you do not know either Amy or me; goodbye.
6)You cannot be(under any circumstances) a character from DBZ/YuYu, they are NPC's deal with it(another phrase i like). If you don't like it good bye.
7)Oh, if you can't obide by these rules; you are the weakest link, good bye.
If you somehow passed this without being offended or without changing your mind about the whole thing then welcome. You should probably go to the next page and fill the requirements
Read all of the above first then Click here