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X-Men Evolution


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Hello and welcome to my site. I have just started it so there is not that much right now to look at. I am currently in the work of an online game. If you would like to participate or would like more info my email address is provided on the site. But this is an X-Men online game as you have clearly seen from the title. Once i have enough people then i will begin with the game. As the game goes everyone will work as a team to accomplish the goals that will be set. This game will require you to work as a team and should be alot of fun if everyone cooperates. But as for now i am working dilegently on writing the storylines and hopefully the game will start really soon. My goal is by the end of this month. I am still looking for more people to play. If you are interested in playing contact my email address. The game is free of charge as of right now. Everyone gets a free trial but after the first two months there will be a small fee of 9.95. I know that sounds like a bad deal but eventually if i get more people i will have to purchase new space. So that money that you pay will go towards paying of the website. I plan on having a tornament later where the winner will receive a trophy and some money. So the money that you pay will contribute towards that. I also plan on throwing a party later in time for everyone that is associated with the game.