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This page is dedicated to anything that doesn't get classified into any other section of the site. That's right, all the extras! Listed below are all of the current entries to the Extras Section.

Darkdude77's RuneScape Photo Album
This was what inspired me to make an Extras section for the site. Here, you can find a great gallery of pictures from all over RuneScape. While some of them may be edited, all pictures will be actual unless otherwise stated. Made just for your enjoyment, so have a good time!

Special Report: MaSoRs 1 Year Anniversary Bash!
Here, we have coverage of one of the MaSoRs clan's multi-million dollar drop parties. Complete with 4 examplatory screenshots, it should remind you of one of the biggest parties of the year!

Special Report: Day One of Castle Wars
The best mini-game ever to be released to RuneScape is covered here. This was made in honor of all my nonmember friends who would've done anything to play this game. Contains 11 screenshots, so hopefully you'll get a good feel of what the madness was all about.

This page will always be ready for updates! Have anything you'd like to add to this section? Talk to me in game and we'll work something out.