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Bilbo Baggins

Bag End, Underhill, Bywater
Hobbiton, The Shire, Middle Earth

Author, Elf Friend, Expert Treasure Hunter

Race/Ethnicity: Hobbit

Gandalf (Wizard), Thorin (Oakenshield) (Dwarf), Thranguil (King, Wood Elves), Bard (Bowman, Lake people)

Bungo Baggins, respectable, predictable, no adventures.
Mother: Bella Donna Baggins, nee Took, lineage of “Bull-Roarer” Took, hero of the Battle of Green Fields, slayer of Golf, King of the Goblins, inventor of the game of Golf, possible fairy ancestor, occasional adventures in this family.

Helped to defeat three Trolls, took ownership of Elvish Dagger, "Sting."
Assisted in deciphering map to treasure, located hidden door in mountain.
Defeated Gollum in riddle contest, escaped alone from Goblins.
Found and used, the Ring of Power, resisting its evil influence.
Infuriated, decoyed, killed giant spiders, achieving release of companions.
Planned and executed escape from Elf mountain via water gate.
Deceived dragon, Smaug, retrieved goblet, Arkenstone.
Diplomatic overtures delayed, though failed to prevent the Battle of Five Armies.
Wrote a complete record of his adventures: “There and Back Again.”