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The Crosspaths

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Ethloden: Welcome to the Dragon's Lair, a site about all things Medieval! I'm Ethloden, supreme ruler of the Lair! Ha ha ha ha! Okay, maybe I'm not, but I am the Lair main sorcerer^_^ You'll see me around the site most of the time and I also have my friend (drum role) Calibra here! She is the Riddle Master and sometimes only talks in riddles, which gets annoying.
Calibra: I do not! Plus, that's not the only thing I do! Sorry about me friend, she is always thinking she is the best.
Ethloden: Because I am!
Calibra: Right... Anyway take a look around the Lair.

10/30 I updated the riddles page.

The Dragon's Lair is a site about our own medeival world. Now, before you click that back button on your browser, The Dragon's Lair is a bit like an online game. You can make up your own medieval character, choose what country it is from, and more. You can also write your own stories about your character or others. There is a lot to do.

Current Contests-In this month's contest, you will have to make up your own mythical creature. Give it a name, desciption, abilties, where it's from, and anything else you can think of. Then email me your creature.(draw a picture of it if you want)At the end of September, everyone will be able to vote who they think is the best creature. If your the greedy type who only wants to get a wonderful prize, you've come to the wrong place bub! Of course we will give out prize, but I can't promise they'll be big.

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