A love letter
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Madam Devil-ah
the barefoot Domina
Welcomes you to her lair.
I am out of town until 8/16. Call me then

If you are not 18 or older please leave now!

Are you a naughty boy? Do you need a spanking? Do you dream of the cane? Do you enjoy bondage. LOL.. then come to me! Not only am I very good at these and other things, but I enjoy doing them! And please note I do not believe in fake bondage. When I tie you, you stay tied.

I also like putting wrist and ankle cuffs on you to bind you to the cross. I like dragging my nails across your skin and watching tiny red marks making little temporary trails. I like cuffing you to the ceiling and watching you squirm. If you are looking for a Domina who truly loves to punish and tease bad boys then you are in the right place.

If you are looking for role play then let's talk. Or maybe I shall just interrogate you for my pleasure.

I have many toys I like to play with including various floggers, several different size canes, whips, wooden paddles, leather paddles, straps, various crops, belts, tens unit and many other ah.... mmmm shall I say toys. Then there is all the fun involved in hot candle wax, cock and ball torture, and nipple torture.


I have been in the life style almost thirteen years. I have been a ProDom most of those although for the past two years I have been private. I am a BBW Domina, 54 years and 5'2 tall, 225. I am short and fat so if that is not your cup of tea don't waste my time or yours! I like who I am. I am sensuous and sadistic and love playing with bad boys. I call my self the barefoot Domina becauseI never wear shoes inside. So although I adore foot worship I have no desires to have my boots licked! LOL.

I want to talk with you for a few minutes and find out how to make this a good experience. You session starts after this period.

Session Tributes

30 minutes, spanking only............ $100.00
60 minutes ends in self masturbation ...$200.00
each additional half hour there after .. $ 75.00

Madam is not a prostitute and no illegal activities will be allowed. This means NO SEX.
But you knew what I meant!

While gifts are not expected they are appreciated. My wish list include any type kinky toys and or gift certificates.

You may email me for an appointment or you may call, however I will only provide directions to my place through an email. Yahoo map is wrong and my written directions are excellent.

Email Address

Phone Number
You may call between 10:00 AM and 12:00 AM. Phone calls are limited to 10 minutes as I am not a phone Domima. Phone calls are for making appoinments. If you are not calling to make an appointment then email me! I answer all emails. I am sure you understand and will respect my wishes.