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5th Street Paintball Team

Alex Alvarez
Matt Lopez
Mark Mosely
Our Stats
Team Pictures

.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+, Team 5th Street This is our 5 man team. We are still practicing against other teams in our area. We are all young so we have a lot of time for improvement. We will be entering tournys at our local field. we will keep u updated with ourprogress.-.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+, PEMBROKE PINES KIDS If u live in pembroke pines FL and have a 5 man team, call me, Matt, (954)614-6182 to schedule a SCRIMAGE with us. We have a feild that we built in the woods across the street from the elementry school so we can play there or another woods field u know about.-.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+, Pictures of our team are soon to come.-.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+, We are going to put together a 3 man team. If u are interested in playing on it, call me or email me(local kids only)-.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,.,+*^*+,