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Hypnosis Information

If there's enough people online, we tend to RP every night. If you aren't available, please E-mail and state why. Try to Role-Play a minimum of 4 times a week with the SL.

If you are interested in joining Team Hypnosis, you will have to do these things. Fill out an Application that is located in the Top Gear Website. Once completed, you will have to send it to Dayron Edmons ( When the application is recieved, you will be on Hypnosis Probation for 4 weeks. Not anything boring. You will be hanging out with the crew, but not fully a member. You need to hang out with 3 to 4 crew members during your probation to get to know everyone. Once the 4 weeks is up, you will have a conversation with the crew leader if you want to stay with us or if you want to be disbanded. There are other requirements for joining as well.

1) Must know how to Role-Play ( Number One Requirement )
2) Must have Role-Played in RhyDin more than 5 times.
3) Must be active.

That's not that much stuff, but things will be added later on. Remember this is Role-Play, so don't take it serious OOC.