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College Brag Sheet Example

*note* the questions are in blue and the answers in red

I live with Siblings (name, age, school)

27 years old, Harvard Law School graduate
26 years old, William and Mary Law School garduate
26 years old, Attending Duke Law Shcool
15 years old, Attending Hockaday

The school activity that is the most meaningful to me is(explain why):

The school activity that is most meaningful to me is biology because I enjoy learing how people, plants and animals function. Also, I enjoy this subject because I hope to oneday be able to help people with their diseases with a combination of chemestry and biology.

The non-school activity that has the most meaning for me is... (explain why):

The non-school activity that has the most meaning for me is water polo. Water polo has a lot of meaning to me because it is something I really enjoy. While playing I can take out any pent up agressive feelings on the opposing team and still be within the accepted rules of the game. Also, water polo keeps me in excellent shape and allows me to purse other interests at the same time.

My hobbies/interests include...

My hobbies include:

  • Water polo
  • Swimming
  • Drawing
  • Model Building
  • Hanging out with firends

Awards or special recognition I am proud of...

The special recognition I am most proud of is my water polo winning our reginal championship

I have grown personally in the following ways:

The way I have grown most is in my patience. In the past I would easily be moved to action from the slightest offense however, as I have grown older I have better control of my self and it now requires a great deal to move my to violent action

I have grown academically in the following ways:

Academically I have grown a lot. In the past, especially last year, I would do only enough work to get by. However, this year I have greatly improved recieving all A's and one B in the second trimester.

My greatest personal accomplishment so far is:

My greatest personal accomplishment so far is making the regional and state teams in watre polo.

The qualities I possess and would like you to highlight in your letter of recommendation include...

The qualities I would like highlighted are:

  1. My adapability
  2. My work ethic
  3. My inquisitiveness
  4. My work load

Other information I would like to share with you so that you can make an accurate appraisal of me to colleges, universities, or employers would include...

The extra information I would like to include is:

  • I go to St. Mark's School of Texas
  • I am in the 10thgrade
  • I am a minority
  • I am willing to work hard

I think my career interest or college major will be...

My career interest or college major will be Biochemestry

My financial needs include...

financial aid is unnecessary

Full Metal Alchemist