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Dragonball gt 1

sorry for making this one so bad but plz read it to get the 2 one its ten times better. im going to but 2 chapters a week till im all out of the chapters then #2 will come out. Dragonball gt the Planet of saiyans Chapter 1 the saiyans are here One day on April 20,2003 at west city high Pan, Shana, and Sara was study like any day. All of a sudden Mrs. Sally call out and said "we have some new students Matt, Kai, and Max". First Matt came in with blue pants, yellow shirt, and spiked hair (brown). And yelled "yo" Sara couldn't stop staring. Next came Kai with all red on and spiked hair (brown) and said "sup all” Shana fated so did half the class (42 students). Last came Max with black jeans, blue jacket, red shirt, a red bandana, and spiked hair (brown). Pan fated with the other half of the class. Max look at pan and smiled then he sat be side her. Kai look at shana then he sat be side her. Matt look at sara and sat beside her. The class started again on there homework and work. At the end of the day Max, Kai and Matt went home in the woods. Pan, Shana and Sara follow them. When they got at the boys house they were fighting. But then Pan saw some thing strange she saw a tail on the boys. At that second Pan broke a branch and Max heard it. Max grabbed he’s sword and ran at the tree that the girls were at and he cut that tree in half. Chapter 2 first Date Just missing the girls Max jumps be hide Pan and puts he's sword by her throat. Pan yells and yells then she said "ill do anything you want". Max thought and he said "go on a date with me " .Pan look be hide her thought then said "sure" .Matt went up to Sara and Kai went up to Shana they ask them if they would go on a date with them the other girls thought and said "ok" ."Then we'll all meet at the west city movies at 6:00pm tomorrow" said Max. The next day at 6pm Max, Max and Kai waited for the girls first came Pan with red t shirt ,black tight pants and a red bandana kissed Max on the lips. Next came shana with with a white shirt and brown pants kissing Kai on the lips. last came sara running she came with brown shirt and pants kiss Matt on the lips. after the movie Max, Matt and Kai walked the girls home they all got another kiss on the way home. The next day at school a new student came his name was Korion with all blue on and spiked black hair. The day went on at 7pm Max and Kai was training with there swords. All of the sudden Korion ran so fast it made superman look like a turtle. Korion stop at the side of Max and said "you are hard to find you saiyans" Max and Kai look at him and said "want are you talking about?"

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