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Skysong's Lair

Hello, and Welcome to my Domain. Here you can learn about me, my friends, my school, my hobbies, and some other qool, and fun stuff. Now I will lay down the rules, Absolutly NO Profanity, Porn, Racism, or any other stupid things like that. Now back to being fun...not Well check out the site and leave me feedback on what you like and dislike. You can contact me on either of these two e-mails:, You can also contact me on AIM, I have multiple screen names but my main one is: Skysong650. Please feel free to say your dislikes about my site...that doesn't include the fact it has pink in it...*cough* *cough* back to the subject...*rustles papers* Oh yeah and also in important news, this website is under construction and will be for awhile, so now that I'am working on it tell me the suggestions NOW!!! lol I'am surfing the web for more things to put on here so alot of times you revisit my site you will see something different. Peace Out!!! *waves goodbye* *dashes around corner* lol
Here is a!!!!