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The Definitive Guide

Hi! This is my webbie dedicated to my three passions - books, music, and films.
Each week (on a Saturday or a Sunday probably), I will bring you reviews on films, music (probably individual tracks rather than albums as I'm skint!) and books I have recently read (they might not be the most recent books, just ones I have read recently if you see what I mean)
I will also have different sections of my website. (To be specified at a later time!)
As this is a new site, please bear with me as it may take timw to get up and running regularly; I am doing all the work myself!
Okey-dokey, that's my intro!
Oh, and if you want to e-mail me, my address is

Things To Do:

So here's what's on offer...

Book Reviews
My stories, poems... whatever I have time to post :)
Music Reviews
Guess the Song Lyrics...
Profile of a famous artist/band
TV and Film Reviews
Profile of a Famous Actor/Actress
Profile of a Famous Author