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Here you can find out information on the sailor senshi, but I'm not going to put up blood type and everything else. You can find that just about anywhere on the Internet nowadays, so here's the 'hard to find' stuff.

Sailor Moon (and all her forms), Princess Selenity, Neo-Queen Selenity/Usagi Tsukino, Serena (english dub):
Usagi is a klutzy, forgetful 14 year-old underacheiver who transforms into Sailor Moon; she can't do algebra, but she can save the planet: Go fig. A rather normal, if slightly dumb, girl, Usagi found and adopted a black cat, which, as it turns out, was a *talking* cat from the Moon Kingdom. After telling Usagi the story of the fated Moon Kingdom, Luna gives to her a henshin (Transformation) stick, with which she can turn into the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Luna became Usagi's advisor in such matters, and, along with Artemis, became the senshi's key to figuring out their past and their destiny. Aside from that whole "Yeah-I'm-Sailor-Moon-gotta-kill-evil-trash-and-save-the-world" thing, Usagi is pretty normal. She has a normal family, comprised of her father, Tsukino; her mother, Tsukino Ikuko; her brother, Tsukino Shingo; and Luna.
Like normal girls, she has many crushes (Motoki,who works at the Crown Arcade, a favorite hangout of hers; Tuxedo Kamen, who is Chiba Mamoru; Kishi Tsukikage, who is also Mamoru; and in Sailor Moon R, Mamoru know, just a *few* ^_-). Usagi's best friend is Osaka Naru, a girl from school who usually serves as the newest youma's hapless victim, and she is also good friends with the other senshi. Usagi spends most of her free time at the arcade, with friends, or chasing after guys. Her best friends try to help her along in life, training her in their various areas of interest, and she becomes a better person for it. In the last seasons, she is a mature, caring individual nearly nothing like the Usagi seen in the first seasons. She becomes the heir to the Moon Kingdom, Queen of Crystal Tokyo, and everybody lived happily ever after.

Tuxedo Mask, Prince Endymion, Neo-King Endymion, Moonlight Knight (english dub)/Chiba Mamoru, Darian Shields (english):
Always able to show up at the last possible moment, Tuxedo Mask turns out more often than not to be the sailor senshi's cheerleader. His parents killed in a car accident while he was young, Mamoru for a while, knew very little about his past. After many recurring dreams about freeing the Moon Princess, and retreiving some of the rainbow crystals, he realizes his destiny as Tuxedo Mask, the protector of the senshi and of Princess Serenity. Tuxedo Mask, as his name implies, has one of the smoothest costumes in the entire show: He's the only guy slick enough to wear a tuxedo 24-7. Except maybe James Bond. Usually showing up just when things look worst for the senshi, Mamoru usually distracts the youma with an enchanted red rose, giving an encouraging speech to the senshi. In the manga, he also had several other powers, including telepathy, and energy blasts from his cane, which he could also use to deflect attacks.
Mamoru is a college student, several years older than the senshi, who continually teased Usagi about her klutziness, whining, and bad grades. His particular favorite insult for Usagi was Odango Atama ("Meatball Head" or "Dumpling Head"), for which she swore she hated him more than anything. Though Usagi despised Mamoru, she had a crush on Tuxedo Mask: How ironic is that? Only when Usagi and Mamoru found out each other's respective secret identities was their true love for each other revealed. Mamoru, after having several dreams about Usagi being hurt while in his company, decided to leave her completely. Not telling Usagi why he was doing this, he broke her heart and left her questioning her destiny. Finding out the source of these dreams Mamoru reconciled with Usagi. Mamoru has also been brainwashed and turned evil several times, making, in my opinion, one of the coolest characters in the series. Mamoru is Prince Endymion of Earth, and is heir to Crystal Tokyo as Neo-King Endymion. In this position, he is the "senshi" (thought not the sailor senshi) of earth, since there is no princess of the earth. More proof of this is seen in the later seasons. That's why it continually bugs me when people create their own character - "Sailor Earth": Mamoru *IS* the senshi from earth.(Also there has been such a great number of sailor earth's and sailor earth fanfics that it is an extremelly tired cliche) For a time, when Mamoru had his memories of being Tuxedo Mask erased, his indominitable will to fight was embodied as Kishi Tsukikage (The MoonLight Knight). As the MoonLight Knight, Mamoru dressed in loose, white, Arabic-looking clothes, and participated even less in the fights. He merely showed up to tell the senshi to beleive in themselves, that they could beat the droid, etc., and then got out of before all the attacks started flying again.

Sailor Mercury/Mizuno Ami:
Ami was the second of the Sailor Senshi revived by Luna. She first appeared in episode 8 of the original version, and episode 4 of the English dub. She is a shy, quiet girl who has a very powerful intellect, and is very (perhaps even overly) concerned with her studies. As Sailor Mercury, she has the power of ice/water. Her first attacks (shabon spray) are defensive, but further in the series she has many offensive attacks. Mercury also has a powerful mini-computer that she uses to find the weak points of the enemies and other tactical data in battle. Ami lives with her mother, who is a doctor, which is what Ami herself aspires to be. The level-headed Ami is often the one who attempts to resolve the common Usagi-Rei arguments, and is usually the first one to try and stick to the problem at hand during a meeting. Further in the series, she doesn't always act as shy and had a number in the Starlights fanclub lower than Makoto and even Minako, meaning that she signed up awhile before they did (she was quite embarrassed to admit it, though

Sailor Mars/Hino Rei:
The most spiritually perceptive of the scouts, Rei usually receives a bad reputation for her disciplining of Usagi. Her mother dead and her father a constantly-absent politician, Hino Rei lives with her grandfather at Hikawa Jinja, where she is a miko (Shinto preistess). The spiritual leader of the senshi, Rei is somewhat demanding and dominant at times. She takes out most of this wrath against Usagi's klutzy, piggish habits. While most viewers see the face value of the situation as hate between the two, deeper inspection shows that they actually do love each other in a sisterly type way.
Nearly all of Rei's attacks are fire-based though, being a miko, she also has access to ofuda, which she can use either in or out of her senshi form. There's a longer name for them, but for time's sake, they're called "Ofuda." They are Shinto scrolls charged with holy energy which can be used to paralize or exorcise demons. Rei sometimes uses these in conjunction with the Fire Soul for both physical and spiritual damage.

Sailor Jupiter/Makoto:
The strongest, and most masculine, of the senshi, Makoto proves to be a valuable asset in fighting. The fourth senshi to be given a henshin stick by Luna, Makoto's element is that of thunder (or lightning) and wood (her latter attacks are based on that). Mako is the tallest of the inner senshi, being surpassed in later seasons by Setsuna and Haruka. A formidable fighter, Mako is powerful and intimidating. Often, Makoto makes long speeches in the midst of battle (even longer than Usagi's "In the name of the moon, I'll punish you" thing)
Mako's parents died in an airplane crash when she was young, giving her an innate fear of airplanes and the sound of jet engines. She lives alone on their money, having left her former orphanage. She came to Juuban Jr. High after being expelled from her former school for fighting. Makoto is the best cook of the senshi, and attempts to teach the others left Minako nearly losing a finger or two, and Usagi making a completely hideous mess.

Sailor Venus/Aino Minako:
Aino Minako moonlighted as Tokyo's protector Sailor V for quite a while before joining the Sailor Senshi (In the anime she spent time in London prior to joining the group). Her Sailor V costume looked pretty much like her school uniform, only with a mask. Less is known about her career as Sailor V, as at one time she had her memory of that time erased. Sailor V manga was a precursor to both the Sailor Moon series and manga, but both ran side by side for a while. in Japan, which has not yet been officially translated into English (Fansubs only on this one, to the best of my knowledge). It never ceases to amaze me how a 13-year old girl could defend the world's largest city. The only senshi to be given her henshin stick by Artemis, Sailor Venus was the last of the inner senshi to join up with the group.
Minako is the Leader of the senshi, second only to the Moon Princess. She is arguably the most beautiful of the senshi, possibly since her 'element' is love. Minako, however, has less American following than one would imagine, since she was almost completely removed from the American DiC version, and her character wasn't really developed in the time that she had onscreen. She, though not quite so bad as Usagi, also has her own "dumb blonde" moments. Minako is a sociable and friendly girl who seemingly ALWAYS has that red bow in her hair. She wears that bow from the Sailor V manga when a boy who she had a crush on, told her that she would look good with a red bow in her hair. In the end it turned out that he told that to all the girls, but she decided to keep the bow anyway.

Sailor Chibi Moon/Chibi Usa, Rini (english dub)/ Small Lady Selenity/Black Lady:
Chibi Usa is a strange girl from the future. She travels back in time to save Crystal Tokyo from being destroyed in the future. Eventually we find out that Chibi Usa 's parents are Usagi and Mamoru. Chibi Usa misses her mother (from Crystal Tokyo) a lot, and she keeps trying to get back to the future, but is stopped by Sailor Pluto. Chibi Usa needs to find the Silver Crystal to protect Crystal Tokyo. The Four Sisters and Rubeus follow her into the future to try and stop her. Later, Chibi Usa is taken captive by Rubeus and made into the Black Lady (Dark Lady). In the S season, Chibi Usa becomes Sailor Chibi Moon, and she fights (or tries to) alongside Sailor Moon, her mother. Chibi-Moon's attacks never did a lot of damage unless she was paired up with Sailor Moon. After gaining a new ally, Pegasus, and defeating the Dead Moon Circus, Chibi Usa went back to the future just in time for Chibi-Chibi to show up.

Sailor Pluto/Meiou Setsuna, Trista (english dub):
Meiou Setsuna, like Tomoe Hotaru, is another extremely mysterious senshi. She shows up in the middle of the S series as a friend of Michiru's (in the manga, she was the school nurse at Hotaru's school).
Sailor Pluto is the senshi of time. She has and will spend eternity guarding the gateway to time (In the manga, she leaves the door in the R series to fight with the senshi against the Death Phantom. For leaving her post, she must die, which, in the end, creates two Sailor to guard the door and one to fight on Earth. (I'm aware of how confusing this is.) She and Chibi Usa are very close, the young princess often snuck away to see Sailor Pluto. The senshi often scolded the child for this, but was always grateful for the company.

Sailor Saturn/Tomoe Hotaru:
Tomoe Hotaru is one of the more mysterious ones of the senshi. She dresses in very dark clothing, and looks like someone who would prefer to be in a very dim room, yet she has a fascination with lamps. She also has a very strange ability, she can place her hand over another person's injury and heal it...taking the pain and physical scarring away. This awesome "power" takes a toll on her physical abilities, she can't do much without falling into convulsions.
In the S series, Hotaru's father falls under the category of eeevil. When Hotaru was young, she was burned very badly in a fire that killed her mother. To keep hs daughter from dying, Professor Tomoe allowed his body to be possessed and planted Mistress 9 (the main servant of Pharoah 90, the "head evil-doer" of the S series) into her body. In the manga, Hotaru's body is covered in wires due to this operation to help keep her alive. Mistress 9 lay dormant in Hotaru's body until the end of the S series when she took over all of Hotaru's thought power, and Hotaru's body grew older to fit Mistress 9's persona. In the last few episodes, Hotaru struggled with Mistress 9 over the control of thought, and ended up beating her out, her spirit changing into Sailor Saturn.
Many of you may now be thinking "Yay! Sailor Saturn! Another Sailor Scout!" But, at this time, that wasn't the case. Sailor Saturn is the senshi of destruction, her awakening meant that she would destroy the world. Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus knew this, and tried as hard as they could to stop this from happening (they even seriously considered killing her). Sailor Moon wouldn't let them. Sailor Saturn's spirit went to Chibi Usa, whom she had killed earlier by swallowing her heart crystal, and returned it to her.
Sailor Saturn then returned to Sailor Moon. She went inside the body of Pharoah 90 to destroy it. After several desperate attempts, Sailor Moon turned into Super Sailor Moon and followed her, emerging holding a baby Hotaru. In the anime, Hotaru was returned to her father. In the manga, Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna "adopted" Hotaru, and raised her. (Hotaru aged fast, and was 12 again by the next time the outer senshi were needed.
In the Sailor Stars series, Hotaru was active as Sailor Saturn was no longer a threat. She had awakened, and destroyed the world (though, thank you to the ginzuishou, there was no severe impact). As Sailor Saturn, she carries a giant scythe with her, called a glaive, that she uses in her attacks: Silence Wall (a defense), silence glaive surprise, and death ribbon revolution.

Sailor Neptune/Kaiou Michiru:
Kaiou Michiru is a very calm, sweet, intelligent girl like Ami. She appeared in the series with her lover and fellow senshi, Ten'ou Haruka. Michiru is a very skilled musician, specifically violinist. She has been in many concerts, and even opened for the Three Lights. She once even juggled a lemon on her violin while playing it.
Sailor Neptune is one of the outer senshi, meaning that she shows up to save the inner senshi's tail in the heat of a battle and then mysteriously disappears (though, in the beginning, Uranus and Neptune wanted NOTHING to do with the inner senshi. Their reaction to finding out that Usagi was Sailor Moon, and in fact, the Moon Princess was priceless). Her attacks are water based: deep submerge, aqua mirror reflector, and Neptune violin tide (manga). Sailr Neptune is a carrier of a pure heart crystal, her talisman being the aqua mirror.

Sailor Uranus/Ten'ou Haruka:

When we first met Ten'ou Haruka in the S season, we assumed that she was a man. She wore guy's clothing, had her hair cut short, talked like a man, and even was into things we classify as 'boyish'. She was especially into racing, being one of the highest ranked racers in Japan. We the viewers weren't the only ones convinced, either; the inner senshi were infatuated with her, and often got very starry eyed when they were around her (very funny...but not as funny as the faces they made when they found out she was a girl!!)
Haruka is involved with another member of the senshi, Kaiou Michiru/Sailor Neptune. This relationship is one of the reasons that the English dubbing of Sailor Moon stopped at the end of the R season for a number of years. Several rumors surround the reason behind their relationship, several of which are excuses as to why they would choose to have a homosexual relationship. The most popular of those seem to revolve around the idea that Sailor Uranus was a boy in a past life, but was reincarnated as a girl.
Sailor Uranus is the biggest and strongest member of the senshi, Sailor Jupiter coming in second. She is very protective of Sailor Moon; during the S season, she tried to keep her away from Hotaru and during the Sailor Star season, she tried to keep the Three Lights/Sailor Starlights away from her (Seiya was especially difficult to keep away from Usagi, since he had a crush on her). She, along with Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto, were pure heart crystal carriers; her talisman being the space sword. Her attacks are "World Shaking", "Space Sword Blaster", and "Space Turbulance" (manga only).