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The Runescape Realm
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The Runescape Realm

     Ilcome To The New Layout! This will be the new Layout for The Eternal Realm.

Date: Nov. 06 2003 - New Anime!

    I am starting to add new anime onto the site now that I decided on a final layout. *Cough, Cough* So soon you will see more and more anime being added to the list.

Date: Nov. 05 2003 - Help!!!

    Hey all my friendly viewers at least I hope friendly ;D I am going crazy! I have run out of Ideas on what to but on the site. All ideas are welcome at Just but "Site Ideas" in the subject bar. Thank You.

Date: Nov. 04 2003 - New Lay Out: 4:52 PM EST!

    I have finished upgrading our whole site! So I will gradually add more stuff now...

Date: Nov. 04 2003 - New Lay Out: 4:24 PM EST!

     Yay! I have all the pages except for the Inu Yasha pages... There going to new a bit of redesigning...

Date: Nov. 04 2003 - New Lay Out: 2:10 AM EST!

     Ill I have fixed up some bugs I had with the menus! So watch you see is what I got... So Far... I have also gotten the Dragon Ball Section up! So know I am going to bed now I have a test tomorrow! Zzzz... Zzzz...

Date: Nov. 04 2003 - New Lay Out: 1:20 AM EST!

     I have been working on the layout for the last 5 hours plus! So has my friend Darien and he started before me and look at his site... Ill of Darkness. I both have a way to go before its all up. So I'll have more updates on the way!

Date: Nov. 03 2003 - New Lay Out

     I'll I have a new layout! Not much but it's going Up! Come back often to see our progress. :D


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