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Qaulity Time

~Dull gray clouds began to muster over Marietta, Ohio blotting out the warmth of the mid-afternoon soon. Patches of blue sky could be seen here and there but not much, as the city over all began to slowly wind down for the day. A cool refreshing wind stirs gently rustling the tree tops as traffic already having reached it’s peek for the day thins out and children ever so slowly begin to be called in for the night to eat dinner with their families. However it isn’t the over view of this comforting seen we seek to see, but the one going on at 2378 West Ave in a small quaint neighborhood set back into a moderate sized wooded area. The houses down this street seem well kept and the idea place to live for one with a large family. The lawn was of a deep rich green short and well managed. Shrubs were well trimmed and seemed almost sculpted by nature’s finest foliage. All and all it seemed rather beauty, as the scene shifted into the back yard of moderately sized brick house with white trimming can be seen. An averaged sized pool three feet deep at the shallow end eight feet at the deep ran the length how wide the yard was nearly surrounding by white stone with a single brick laid path that lead to the one ladder located at the deep end and towards the stairs that lead into the shallow end. The crystal blue water rippled slightly as the wind began to stir once more. Panning around to the house on the patio away from the elegantly set up furniture was a barbeque that was being tended to by none other then Russ “Thunder” Adams wearing nothing but a black nylon mesh pair of shorts. From the house through the sliding glass door emerged the gorgeous blonde bombshell that is Russ’ wife Angela. She is seen with her wavy sun-kissed blonde hair pulled up into a loose bun by a pencil. She is seen wearing a while robe that comes down to only about mid thigh. She grins upon seeing Russ tending to their dinner. She walks to the left away from him and pulls upon her belt to her robe. Casually the rob slips from her shoulder falling to the ground at her feet exposing her well toned slender frame. She is seen wearing a white bikini with the lower half rounding in back over her tight firm ass into a thong . The top consisted of a wiry martial that barely covered over the crests where the perky flesh of her erect nipples rest upon her large breasts, while tying around her neck as well as around in back. Stepping up to where a hot tub is seen percolating with the warm water that continuous churns. Reaching up with her right hand, she pulls the pencil out of her hair causing her long blonde hair to cascade down over her shoulders. Slowly she climbs the steps build into the hot tub and slowly eases herself into the water letting out a soft soothing moan of pleasure. Russ smiles and looks up and smiles to here as he pulls out the steaks from the grill and starts to place them on to plates. Smiling to her, he is finishes fixing their plates of food before walking over to where she is at. Handing her plate, he smiles to her as he starts to climb into the hot tub with her while whispering to her.~

Russ: You look lovely tonight hun.

~He smiles as he held a fork with a peace of steak on it to her mouth. Grinning playfully she opens her mouth to take in the steak, sensually she closing her lips around the fork and slowly begins to pull back. Closing her eyes she groans as she savors the piece of steak.~

Angela: Mmmm…Hon you sure know how to grill….

~She replies after swallowing her food. Ever so slowly she licks her upper lip ever so slow before opening her eyes.~

Angela: Ya know….I am actually thankful they have given you some time off Russ. Gives us some more time to focus on us.

~He smiles to her and nods and smiles to her as he speaks softly giving her a lovingly kiss. ~

Russ: Yes me as well baby for a while I didn’t think we would ever have time off like this together. I’m so glad finally we can spend happy quiet time with one another and no one to bug us either.

~Smiling to her, he get another piece of steak and starts to take a bit and smiles as he savors the taste himself. Once again, he slowly places the fork on the plate, as he moves over to her and spins her around so she is facing him and gives her a kiss as he smiles. Smiling warmly she takes the plate from him and sets is down on upon the ledge of the hot tub. She looks back up into his eyes, as she slowly snakes her arms around his neck.~

Angela: So we have all this free time….Any plans on how you wanna spend it?

~He smiles and nods to her whispering in her ear as he speaks softly to her.~

Russ: Oh yes I do. Matter of fact and that is to please my baby and spend all the time I can with her...

~Softly places a kiss on her earlobe, as he comes back around kissing her neck as he moves slowly to her mouth kissing her softly with passion. Angela tilts her head to the side closing her eyes as she lips part slowly. Her moist tongue can be seen snaking out towards his lips, causing them to part as well. The two begin to deep the kiss as Russ walks backward sitting down on to one of the seats under the water. Angela straddles his lap, as she bites down on to his lower lip gently, while pulling it back before letting it go. Playfully she gives Russ a wink.~

Angela: Pleasure me huh? What if I wanna pleasure you baby…

~Russ Smiles to her as he brings her close to him slowly undoing her bikini and smiles as it slowly comes off around her shoulder he kisses a little deeper down her neck as he makes his way down a little he whispers.~

Russ: Looks like we will just please one another then don’t it baby?

~Slowly kiss back up to her lips as he deeps the last kiss more as there lips are now lock he hold her to him. As her bikini top floats in the water, the two continue with this rather sensual embrace before she pushes away and stand up exposing her large breasts steaming from the hot water as it rolls down her silky smooth skin. Reaching up with hands she cups her own breasts pushing them together before running them down her toned stomach and below the waters surface. Leaning down she moves around a little before standing up bring her bikini bottom up for Russ to see before tossing it aside. ~

Angela: I wouldn’t have it any other way Russ my love.

~As he looks to her he smiles and looks at her beautiful body. He slightly kisses up her abdomen some before pulling her down to his lap. Russ then starts to kiss lightly around her soft breasts while tracing the other one. Looking up to her he slowly moves his hand down her side lightly bring it back up as he kisses over to the other side. Lightly placing kisses across her chest, Russ begins to kiss a little more around her breasts, as he once more begins to trace the other using his finger tip. Angela places her hands upon his shoulders sitting back she takes a deep breath in leaving her mouth slightly open as her eyes are evidently filled with lust. Running her hands up the back of his head, she leans down and kisses it before slipping off his lap. She rustles around in the water some more and suddenly Russ’ black swim trucks come floating to the surface, as Angela disappears beneath the water’s surface causing Russ’s eyes to go wide in shock yet glaze over with pleasure. Russ tilts his head back some as he takes a deep breath lets out a slight moan pulling her back up outta the water he looks into her eyes, as her brings her to him letting her sit on his lap. He goes to kiss her breasts, as he lightly takes one of her nipples with his teeth and slowly pulls back on it. As he lets go he kisses slowly back up towards her neck, and slowly up her neck to her mouth. As their lips lock and tongues meet one another, he slowly moves his hand down in the water. Obviously going for her sweet area and starts to lightly rub it as he sees the glaze in her eyes. She bites down on her lower lip moaning softly, as she scoots closer lowering herself just so over his groin in such a fashion he is forced to let go of her nipple. She cups the side of his face lifting it up to meet her gaze. Leaning down she kisses him deeply and passionately, as her begins to rock causing her to rise and fall. Finally she parts the kiss, and wraps her arms around his neck and begins to rise with a bit of a quicker pace now while rocking her head from side to side. He moves with her pace as he kisses her breasts softly and smoothly. Feeling himself slide deeper inside her as she moves, he slowly kisses around her neck while he whispers to passionately to her.~

Russ: I love you baby. We could stay here and do this all night long if you wanted to, because I know I will please you everyday of our life.

~As he lets out a small moan he smiles to her as they move their hips together, as he pushes a little harder. They continue at it for some time their moans growing louder and deeper. Russ’s becoming almost animalist grunts, as she rocks her hips faster and harder. The water with in the hot tub begins to splash around violently knocking the plate of food to the ground below shattering the plate. This causes Angela to stop and turn to look. With a seductive grin she looks back to Russ while resuming to rock her hips in such a fashion that she began to rise and fall just as hard and quickly as before. Her heart began to race as the excitement began to grow steadily. Russ moans loudly, as he looks to her with his eyes glazing over.. He feels himself going deeper inside of her, as he leans back some with her continuing to rock some he smiles looking to her he fills himself building up deep with in felling the pressure rise. He thrusts a little harder inside her as he keeps going faster and harder hearing her moan. In the heat of their passion finally they climax seemingly enough together as he close his eyes tightly holding on to her, as Angela herself shutters while moaning a loud. Slowly their ride upon cloud nine comes to and end as the scene slowly begins to fade with those two holding on close to one another.~