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Bonjour et bienvenue au meilleur emplacement autour du de Harry potier et du prisonnier d'Azkaban

.....Hey everyone, and welcome to the new Harry potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, This website has made a few changes, there is still classes, etc, BUT there is now a bigger gallery than before!!!

.....I am looking for teachers to teach the classes that are listed to the left, if you are a qualified teacher(between the ages of 8-20) and would love to teach, and write the homework for the class, please write at least half a page on why would you like to be a teacher and why, don’t forget to put the class you want to teach and your name on it, and send it too, If you don’t have the internet, don’t worry, you can paste it in one of the common room!!

.....Don’t forget to check the great hall about everything you need to know about everything that goes on in Hogwarts!!!

Appréciez et revenez bientôt !