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.: Biographie :.

Emma Watson, now 14, was born on the 15th of April 1990 (sign Aries) in France, where she lived till the age of five. Though she was born in France she doesn't speak much French except from what she learned at school. Then she moved to the UK, more particulary to Oxfordshire, where she now still lives. Her parents, Chris (born 1960) and Jacquelin Watson (born 1960) had their first child with Emma, afterwards in 1994 Alex was born. Her parents are both lawyers and are now divorced. Emma has dark blonde hair (though it looks brown in HP-movies), brown eyes, and is 5' 3" tall. When not filming she's going to the dragonschoolin central Oxford where she weares a yellow jumper what is the school uniform. She has now finished her 8th year. (or 7th for USA)