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*~+!The Sorting!+~*

Your big Quidditch match is only hours away but you've lost your broomstick. Do you

A)Retrace your steps and try to find it

B)Release the bludgers so that in the confusion you can "Borrow" Someone else's broomstick

C)Let someone else take you place in the game

D) Follow your hunch about who stole stole and try to confront them about it.

Q2) Your exploring the woods with your friends, and you come across an angry troll, Do you

A)Quickly work out how to escape

B) Try to confuse him

C) Retreat with your friends and make sure everyone is safe

D)Fight Him

Q3)Strange noises are coming from the Great Hall, Your head is telling you to ignore it, and go to the Common Room. Do you

A)Go to the Common Room and to work out what the noise could be

B)Pretend to go to the Common Room, and then double back to take a sneak peek at the Great Hall

C)Go and find your friends to discuss what to do

D)Ignore what your head is saying and run and have a look

Q4)A classmate is making fun of one of your friends, Do you

A)Shoot back a nasty remark that makes your him feel small and get your friend off the hook

B)Ask him if he'll would like to repeat that comment outside

C)Ask him why he is making fun of your friend

D)Ask your friend if he can help you with anything you are doing

Q5)The best thing about magical powers is

A)Your are so wise
B)Everyone is afraid of your power

C)You can use it to help people

D)You don't have to fear things

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