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House Points
Have you just been sorted and wanna earn points for your houses so as to win the house cup?Below are some things you can do to earn house points!

Earning House Points

Finding students:
tell me who you have referred.
will receive 20pts/student!

Handing In Homework:
hand in your HW to your teacher
Hand up your homework on time

The number of times the chaser gets the Quaffle in,
You will recieve 20 House Points

If you win the Competitions you will rceive 30 House Points
Everytime you enter, you will receieve 5 House Points

Donate Items:
Donate items, such as banners, Buttons, Wall papers

Here are some ways of losing House Points

Bad Language:
If people type in the Common Rooms (gdjfhgs\djfgjsh or Swearing) i will deduct 50 House Points

Not Doing Homework:
If people do not complete their homework, or hand it up on time, i will deduct 20 House Points, for each day its late

Given Detentions:
If you are on detention, you will lose 50 House Points

Different Common Rooms:
If you are caught in a different common room,
you will lose 40 House Points

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