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Good evening, My name is Professor Umbridge, and i will be your Detention teacher for this evening. For you spending your afternoon with me, you must have done one of the following

Things to Annoy Professor Umbridge

*Have been given 3 warnings about swearing or writting jiberish on the chat boards in the Common Room

*If you have broken more than 1 school rule

*Beened warned about entering the competition more than once

*Not doing your homework more than 3 times

*Handing in your homework late 3 times in a row

*Being rude to a Prefect, Head Boy, Head Girl, Teachers and especially Hogwarts Students.

*And not being respectful to your Head Mistress!

Now for your Detention, you must write 100 times in the box bellow, Whatever Crime you committed, You must do it within a week, or you'll be suspended, that means you are not allowed to do anything on this website, enough of this Chitter Chatter

Please Write it on an email, and send it to If you don't have an email address, Write it in your common Room


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