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100 uses for the Dangerous Derv Wand of Wonder


01-  Target turns to stone

02-  Roll on experimental arrow chart

03-  Caster glows a bright pink

04-  Room or area is filled with a very bright light. (sun like)

05-  Wand summons 1d4 Skeletal Warriors

06-  1d20 Daggers fly form the wand towards target

07-  Magic washes over the caster (unlimited wish)

08-  Heavy stone block appears above caster then falls… DODGE!!!

09-  Wand shoots a fireball. Treat as normal fireball

10-  Wand teleports caster behind target

11-  Supercharge. Wand gains unlimited charges

12-  Monster summoning 3

13-  Gold pieces fly from wand. 1d12 thousand

14-  Target grows 2 more arms and 3 more feet in height

15-  Sputter. Sputter. Wand just shots out sparks

16-  Random roll. One member of party grows branches

17-  Caster multiplies. Create one more exactly like himself

18-  Target multiplies. Creates one more exactly like himself

19-  Wand disappears for 1d4 days. Reappears in casters hand

20-  Wand glows brightly. Will detect magic for 1d6 turns

21-  Dangerous Derv appears and will answer one question for party

22-  Wand shoots forth a multitude of flowers. Gets in everyone’s way

23-  Magic washes over Caster. Can talk to animals for 1 week

24-  Monster summoning 2

25-  All gold on caster doubles. Double weight

26-  Disintegration beam. Disintegrates a 10’x10’ cube

27-  Target gains an extraordinary ability

28-  Wand will remove caster out of dangers way

29-  Wand will develop speech

30-  Summons Earth Elemental. 10 hd. Will unerringly obey caster

31-  Target is hasted. Permanently

32-  Something of the casters appears in the targets hands

33-  Lightning Bolt 180’ 10’ wide

34-  Caster hair falls off. All of it

35-  Target disappears

36-  Warps casters mind. Will attack party

37-  Luck increases by 1 permanently

38-  Caster is put into haste until end of battle

39-  Wand shoots forth water. 1000 gallons

40-  Wand turns to dust

41-  Party is teleported away fro danger

42-   Time stop. Everything is stopped but caster 1d4 turns

43-  Target ages 100 years

44-  Pit opens betw3een caster and target. 20’ wide 30’ deep

45-  Makes 4 bottles appear before caster. Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, elemental

46-  Monster summoning 1

47-  Caster gains special ability

48-  Caster becomes impotent

49-  Caster learns 2 more Lang

50-  Wand shoots gems out towards target. 1d20 gems of 500 gp value

51-  Deadly poison drips from wand tip

52-  Summons 1 star demon. Avery pissed and not pleased to be there

53-  Target’s arms morph into iron spikes

54-  Roll on experimental healing potion chart for caster effect

55-  Wand sucks in al available oxygen in the room

56-  Wand becomes highly magnetic

57-  Caster changes sex

58-  Target goes blind

59-  Wand opens a portal to random plane

60-  Absolutely nothing happens, go figure

61-  Summons a familiar. DM’s choice

62-  Target’s size is halved

63-  Caster gains X-ray visions for 1d10 rnds

64-  Target dies, saving throw vs, death, is succ 1d10 dmg

65-  Caser becomes immortal (fells tingle, won’t age)

66-  Caster doubles his/hers weight

67-  Target becomes loyal to party. Will help them is possible

68-  Whole party starts to fly. Lasts 1d10 turns

69-  Target instantly goes berserk, double its attacks/melee no dodge

70-  Wand makes wild magic zone in room

71-  Wand makes a 100 mph wind gust shoot towards target

72-  Summons a kinder. Oh SHIT!!

73-  Wand creates a Bigby’s crushing hand and sends it to the target

74-  Target teleports behind party

75-  Caster turns to stone. Gets saving throw

76-  Target runs away from caster

77-  Target becomes smarter +5 int

78-  Pit appears below target and caster 10’ deep

79-  All magic in room starts to glow

80-  All within 30 ft Go blind for 1d10 rnd, including wand holder

81-  100-1000 lbs (1d10) of manure buries target or wand wielder 50% chance

82-  Target gains additional limb 1d6 1-hand 2-leg 3-head 4-tail 5-arm 6-foot

83-  Random magic item from party disappears and a map reappears with location

84-  Small meteors strikes target 10d10x1d10 dmg up to 10-60 yards radius

85-  Caster soul switches with target

86-  Caster loses -1 from prime req

87-  Caster and party transports to random dragon lair

88-  Caster gains Notice of Deity 50/50 bad or good

89-  Random minor power added to random party item

90-  Gates in barbed devil 50% attacks party or target then disappears

91-  Wielder becomes monster attractor 25%

92-  Target becomes missile attractor 300 ft rad

93-  Wielder gains 1d6 hits permanently

94-  Random magic item within 50 ft drained of magic 1-6 days

95-  Target or caster morphs into Bozo the clown (minus weapons) 50 %

96-  Target suffers major wound

97-  Solar arrives to help or hinder party depending on align or 50% roll

98-  Bottle appears in front of caster (random)

99-  Wielder loses any 1 Curse ( dm’s option)

100- Wielder becomes in love with next monster he or she sees