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Welcome! Wilkommen!

I am your Webmistress Emerald Shadow Maiden. ESM for short. Here you will enter the world of Emeralds and Writing. Hey, I might even post up some pictures of some of my favorite Animae. This site basically revolves around my interests which will become obvious once they are put up...So look around and see if you find something pleasing to your eye...if not get out of my hair because I don't care what you think. Keep in mind that this site is always under construction (and especially right now) so that updates are available to you!

~ Updates! ~

Currently there are no updates because I just posted this whole thing.

~ Writing ~

Here you can find some of my stories or poems. Click on a subject (or in some cases a characters name). You can also submit your own work by emailing me farther down this page.

~ Poetry ~

~ Liz ~

~ Kairi ~

~ Sailor Sun ~

~ Sarabi's Tales ~

~ Pictures ~

Here are some different categories for pictures I have in my archives. I downloaded most from other sites online and kept the ones I thought looked cool.

~ Sailor Moon ~

I made this site to show what I like and if you like it too that's cool. If not tell me why. (If you don't have any particular reason let me introduce you to my friend Scream, a dragon...she is getting mighty hungry these days...)

Email me by clicking on the following link:

Webmistress ESM