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A short walk from the car park towards the beach will take you to location 1. The walk is about 1.5km long and takes about 2hrs.

Location 1: Grid Ref: (SS 86106,75135)

At this location you can see the Triassic / Carboniferous unconformity. Here continental Triassic conglomerates lie unconformably over Carboniferous marine limestone.

Location 2: Grid Ref: (SS 86486,74600)

This "limestone pavement" is a good location to search for Carboniferous fossils.

Location 3: Grid Ref: (SS 86561,74529)

This location is good for researching Carboniferous and Triassic sedimentary structures. At this location there is a good example of Karstic fill in the Carboniferous limestone. The karstic fill extends 5m deep and .25m wide in the cliffside.

During the Triassic surface processes caused weathering of the Carboniferous limestone. This has led to mineralisation in some areas of the limestone.

Location 4: Grid Ref: (SS 86614,74441)

The Triassic conglomerates are exposed well here.

Research Location(86992,74185)

This location is hard to get to and is more hazardous than the other locations. It is a location which shows the Jurassic unconformity and should be used mainly for research.