Best of the Best Links

Here are the sites that I have found to be the best and/or most useful in my own surfings:

Television Without Pity Buffy recaps

Detailed recaps with an attitude - this site is thorough, often funny, and very opinionated.

Buffyverse Music Video Database

A huge database of Buffy and Angel music videos that is very complete and very easy to search.

Buffyverse Dialogue Database

Extensive database of quotes from the show. Includes episodes, arcs, characters, and akas.

Much Ado about Buffy the Vampire Slayer

One of the best general sites about the show.

Romance on BtVS

Great screencaps and more

Sinister Attraction

My favorite Spuffy shipper site - great design, lots of info, a nice gallery . . .

Carnal Sins

A directory of Spuffy on the web.

Spike screencaps gallery at Love That Dares

Nice Spike screencaps collection on a page devoted to Spike slash fiction

Impish Eyes

Great videos and multimedia

Eternal Nightcap: Don't Make Us Hurt You

A must-see site. Hilarious Spike/Angel shippiness. Check out the galleries! (Long un-updated, it is now back for 2004!)


Beautiful fan site for BtVS and AtS with great content too.


Directory of BtVS and AtS shipper links - beautiful and useful.

Things That Make You Go Duh!

More Buffy humor and great content.


Great gallery!


Fantastic and useful fanart site.

Every episode of every season.

BuffyWorld Forum

A great place to discuss the shows

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