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Usefull Links

these are some great sites to get some free roms for snes, megadrive etc. if u need some more web pages let me know and i'll put some more up im hoping to do a lot with this site so hopefully i'll get some good feed back

if u want to find cracks and serials click below i got a few webpages there again

Free roms (all downloadable)

emureactor (megadrive,gamegear,snes,nes,neogeo)
rom hustler (n64 ,cps1,cps2 etc..)
Game boy advance roms only
Romnation ( currently down)

Helpfull tools

flashget is a download accelarator download it here
here is a crack for flashget ( just click generate then insert the code into flashget
for msn users. msn plus is a great add on try it out its free!!!!!!

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