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Quiz Your Knowledge!

1. Who was the murderer in the story?

A. Vera Claythorne

B. Edward Armstrong

C. Philip Lombard

D. Lawrence Wargrave

2. Who was the first to die?

A. Ethel Rogers

B. Thomas Rogers

C. Anthony Marston

D. Vera Claythorne

3. Who killed Philip Lombard?

A. Vera Claythorne

B. Justice Wargrave

C. William Blore

D. Emily Brent

4. How did Edward Armstrong die?

A. He was stung by a bee

B. He was pushed off a cliff

C. He was injected with a hypodermic syringe

D. He was swallowed by a whale

5. Who were Thomas and Ethel Rogers?

A. Caretakers

B. Robbers

C. Masterminds

D. Doctors

6. Vera Claythorne seemed very ________

A. superstitious

B. crazy

C. optimistic

D. brokenhearted

7. General Macarthur was __________ of his wife’s lover


B.the son



8. The point of view was __________

A.Justice Wargrave’s

B.A police officer’s

C.Agatha Christie’s

D.the narrator’s

9. In an essay form, describe how Justice Wargrave went about killing Emily Brent. Include details from the book about what he wanted others to think and how it went with the poem.

10. In an essay form describe what Justice Wargrave did in preparing for the guests and leading them to believe that they all had been invited there by a homicidal lunatic.

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