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Lawrence “Justice” Wargrave lured 9 other people to Indian Island so he could “live” before he died. He devised a plan to the form of the poem Ten Little Indians. Even his fake death went with the poem! Nobody suspected him to be the murderer, because nobody knew he was alive at the end. So, he found 10 people who were guilty of murder, including himself, whether accidental or intentional, and ended their lives one by one. In the end, he killed himself, probably claiming that he had “lived”.

Wargrave had written letters to the 9 other victims under the name U.N. Owen, changing the name to be male(Ulick Norman Owen) or female (Una Nancy Owen). He had the Ten Little Indians Poem framed in each room. In the beginning, he knew what he had done, so he pretended to figure everything out. He got rid of two people on the first night, and the others got scared. Then Vera Claythorne announced that it was coincidental that the deaths were caused by the same reasons as the Indians. Then others began to realize the pattern in the deaths. They were counting on the motorboat that was coming the next morning with food to get themselves onto the main land. But the boat never came, and then they knew that they were headed for doom. (Later on, it was discovered that someone told the people on the main land that they were not to help the people on the island because it was a game to see who could survive.) From then on, they were killed one by one according to the poem. After everyone else was killed, Lawrence “Justice” Wargrave wrote about how he killed everyone and how he was going to kill himself, put it in a bottle, and threw it out to sea. Someone found it and the mystery was solved.

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Ten Little Indians- The Poem