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Characters Page

Lawrence “Justice” Wargrave- The murderer. He was a sick-minded person. Since he was young, he had an obsession with death. He had wanted to kill himself, but ‘live’ before he died. His idea of living was committing a murder. Not just any murder, a fantastic one. So he devised the plan to lure 9 other people onto an island who had a past in causing a death accidentally, and he would be the tenth. One by one, he caused their death, including faking his own for them to omit him as a suspect. In the end, he wrote about what he did and about how he was going to kill himself, put it in a bottle, and threw it out to sea. He was sentenced Edward Seton to death when he was a judge. He was dangerous, crazy and was suicidal because he devised a plan to kill all those people and because he killed himself.

Vera Claythorne- She hung herself at the end. She was lured to Indian Island with a job offer. She caused an accidental death to a little boy she had been employed to take care of, Cyril. Her attention had drifted, and the next thing she knew, he was out in the sea. She swam frantically to save him, but arrived too late. She barely survived herself! She felt guilty because of the death she caused, she was cautious because she avoided Brent because she thought she was dangerous, and broken-hearted because she hung herself thinking that it is what Hugo wanted her to do.

Philip Lombard- Killed by Vera Claythorne. Lombard thought that Vera was the only other person on the island, and since he knew he wasn’t the murderer, he assumed that Vera was. Vera thought vice versa, and since she had the gun, she killed him thinking she would be safe. Lombard told everyone on the islands that he was invited the through the link of mutual friends. The death Lombard caused was leaving twenty-one men in an African tribe to starve. He was traveling in Africa, and they were lost in a bush. So he and his pals took whatever food there was left and left the other men to starve. Philip Lombard was selfish because he left the other men to starve, cautious because he brought a revolver to the island, and determined because he wanted to fund out who the murderer was.

William Blore- He was killed because his head was smashed into a slab of white marble. He was brought to the island on a job offer. He owned a detective agency and was hired to guard the jewels at the house. The death he was linked to was that of James Stephen Landor. He was curious to find out who the murderer was, mysterious because he entered the house under a disguised name, and logical because he was a detective.

Edward Armstrong- He was pushed of the cliff by the murderer himself. Wargrave told him that he knew that neither of them was the murderer, and if his death was faked, he would be able to help Armstrong find the killer. Edward Armstrong was brought to the island also with a job offer. For a large payment, I suppose he was hired as a doctor. He killed a woman named Louisa Clees. He operated her when he was drunk. He thought it would have been a simple job if he was sober. He was smart because he knew what to do in medical emergencies on the island, responsible because he took his medical case with him, and gullible because he was tricked by Wargrave.

Emily Brent- She also was killed by Justice Wargrave. She was injected with a hypodermic syringe. She was brought to the island supposedly invited by one of her old friends. She killed Beatrice Taylor, but wouldn’t tell anybody on the island anything else. She was reserved because she kept to her self, confident because she wouldn’t tell anyone about the death she caused, and religious because she quoted the Bible.

Thomas Rogers- He was killed by Justice Wargrave while he was chopping up firewood. He and his wife were brought onto Indian Island as caretakers to the estate and the cooks to the houseguests. Thomas and Ethel were looking after an old lady, Jennifer Brady, and she died while in their care. He was responsible because he always did his duties, optimistic because he managed to make a creative lunch with canned food, and polite because he served others.

General John Macarthur- He was hit in the back of the head with a live preserver, or something of the sort, by Wargrave. He murdered his wife’s lover, Arthur Richmond. General Macarthur was defendant because he killed his wife’s lover, mad because he was talking nonsense before his death, and pessimistic because he said that they would never get of the island.

Ethel Rogers- She has the same story as her husband, except for the fact that she was killed by an overdose of sleeping pills. She and her husband were brought onto Indian Island as caretakers to the estate and the cooks to the houseguests. Ethel and Thomas were looking after an old lady, Jennifer Brady, and she died while in their care. She was responsible because she was a caretaker, delicate because she fainted after the accusations were made, and careless because she took an overdose of sleeping pills.

Anthony Marston- The first to die. Wargrave slipped drugs into his drink when no one was looking, and Marston died instantly after he took a sip. He was offered to stay on Indian Island with a link to one of his old friends that he thought was in Norway. He ran over a couple of kids, John and Lucy Combes, who ran into the street while he was driving. He didn’t stop, and he had his driving license suspended for a year. He was carefree because he spoke about his murder like it was nothing, mad when the accusations were read, and fun loving because he wanted to have fun with his long-lost friend.

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