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Being the most popular mystery writer of all time, Agatha Christie has earned her name a Queen of Crime. In 1890, she was born as Agatha May Clarissa Miller as the youngest of three children in Devon, England. It all started since she was taught at home by a governess and had many tutors. She became proficient at creating games to busy herself at a very young age. She was shy, and she had trouble expressing herself. So, she turned to music to help her let out her emotions, and later in life, she turned to writing. (She also wrote under the alias Mary Westmacott.) When she was 24, in 1924, Agatha married a World War 1 pilot name Archie Christie. She had a child named Rosalind with him. She worked as a nurse when he was off at war. In fact, she got the idea to write detective novels while working in a hospital. In 1926, her husband asked for a divorce, claiming he had fallen in love with another woman. Disturbed also by the recent death of her mother, and now this, Agatha went missing. She was now a famous writer, so everybody in England was curious about her disappearance. Police found her three weeks later in a hotel. She said she had lost her memory, and it was never mentioned by Agatha Christie again. On at trip to Mesopotamia, she met Sir Max Mallowan, a young archaeologist. They were happily married in 1930.

In 1971, she was honored by becoming the Dame of the British Empire. Her death was in 1976, so she must have been 86 years old at the time.

Agatha’s writing career was longer that half a century. During that period of time, she created 80 novels, including The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Death on the Nile,The A.B.C. Murders,The Sleeping Murder,and The Murder on the Orient Express, and 14 plays!!! One of her plays, The Mousetrap, is the longest running play in history. Only only the Bible and Shakespeare have outsold Agatha Christie mystery books. The manuscripts she wrote sold over a billion copies in English and another billion in 44 other foreign languages!

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