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9. Justice Wargrave killed Emily Brent by making her drowsy, pushing her head between her lap, and injecting her with a hypodermic syringe. He also arranged for a bee to be in the room because the line of the poem said that the sixth little Indian was killed because she was stung by a bee. He tried to make others believe that Armstrong killed her because he quickly identified that she had been injected with a hypodermic needle. He then asked everyone whether anyone had brought one to the island. Armstrong said that he had and that a good doctor would have it with him at all times. When Justice Wargrave asked to see it to make sure it hadnít been used, Armstrong said it was missing.

10. In preparing for the guests, Justice Wargrave wrote to them to invite them onto the island. He also told the residents on the main land to pay no heed to the pleads for help on Indian Island because it was a competition of survival. He recorded someone saying what each person had done and who they had killed. He had the poem which they were to die by, The Ten Little Indians, framed in every room. And finally, in the beginning he pretended to figure out the plan that was devised, and during that time, he announced that he thought without doubt that they all had been invited there by a homicidal lunatic.

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