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Legend of Zelda: A Shadow of the Past

Zelda: A Shadow of the Past Things to do


Ocarina of Time 2d (go on the forums, and ask questions, and great for resources)
Great site, just beware of popups
LoZ:SotP This is the actual game so far

Ok, we have a lot to do, and I'm taking this day as a "Work" day to get a lot of stuff done. I'm (noah) working on the application and getting the menu done and working on reading a hell of a lot on directdraw so when the time comes I can make an easy to use map maker. However, everyone else needs to be making tile sets! Keep in mind the screen size is 256 x 224! Use some of the pics I've provided on the page as resources as things to base your stuff on. Here is a color pallete, but I'm thinking that we shouldn't limit our colors to that, and probably make it a little bit brighter. Anyway, e-mail me at for questions.