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Collision Zone

Hey, all.

For those of you that stumbled across this little area, this is actually the 'dedication', as it were, to my little pet project, which originally started as a Chrono Trigger humour fic but, through the course of my mental stages progressing, has since become something so much more.

A bit of background: Originally titled "Three Fools and an Idiot", the story was simply about myself and three friends going about wreacking havoc in the Chrono Trigger universe. The 'sequel' would have followed the plot, except I scrapped it and created "Three Fools and an Idiot REMIX", which encorporated more and more people into it so that each of the major parts was taken by somebody that was not, in fact, a CT character.

The story was meant to be humourous and simplistic.

Then my mind came along. And suddenly, after the first couple of fairly amusing chapters, while the story was still written to be funny to a degree, a darker side began to play into things, and... Well... So started by 'pet project', now code-named "Collision Zone". I don't gauruntee it will always be called "Collision Zone", but for the moment it does me well enough.

At the moment, this site is under heavy constructions in order to first establish the Collision Zone story within it. However, it will eventually contain character bios, some sketches, the various references within... I dunno. Really, I'm just having fun with it and seeing what I can do.

That's all.

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