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New Download and Hosted Sites! -
ok. ive added a download that has the textures available in dds format cutting the download in half. now only 4.5mb! i also added a section on the left of the sites that im hosting. check em out. ive also added some mods that i made aloooooong time ago. please forgive me haha.
Update - 2/02/04
New Content!
ok, i went through some pages today and redid a few things. got a permanent download link for the weapons release part of my mod. Go Here *Sharpened Models: Weapons* to download. and also there are 9 pictures posted on the weapons release download page comparing all the new and old weapons. i still dont have frontpage yet so im still just working with html. once i get frontpage ill be updating alot more. enjoy.
Site Launched! -
My sites finally up!!!
ALRIIIGHT. I finally made a site. Not too much content so far but make sure to keep checking back because within the week ill have a page about something brand new that looks very promising, thats all im saying about it! anyways, well the only thing on here pretty much so far is the sharpened models: weapons pictures and downloads. enjoy and check back!
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