Joe Hahn Quotes

High School?

Joe: "I wasn't a geek, but I was into art. I was one of the guys who the other kids were like, "Oh, you draw. Could you draw a picture of me?" They'd ask me dumb questions like "Where did you learn to draw?"

Does He Like The Other Guys?

Joe: "Mike is a dumb-head."


Joe: "The main thing you'll grasp out of the video is that the robots are just beating the shit out of each other."

Did I Struck A Nerve?

Joe: "Do not upset Mr. Hahn!"

Joe: "'Remy' is a lie. Some idiot made that up."

Joe: "I'm warm, huggable, and lovable!"

Joe: "The director of the show just called me a wanker. How should I take that???"

Kind Of Inappropriate?

Joe: "Mike mounts Brad's headphones."

Now Do You Think That He Is Crazy?

Joe: "Brad is a stomach model for men's fitness."

Joe: "It's as funny as a corny sloth climbing through a manhole."

Joe: "I like champagne."

Joe: "Brad Delson Theory."

Joe: "Brad is the best turn-tablist ever."

Joe: "Go buy Mike presents. He loves presents."

Joe: "Request 'Cure For The Itch' at your local stations."

Joe: "Ozzy scared me when I met him at first."

Joe: "My butt hurts. I've been sitting in this damn chair signing stuff for a half an hour and they won't let me get up and walk around. Big old bodyguards say, 'ooga, booga.'"

Joe: "'The Hobbit' rules."

Joe: "I'm manufactured by Microsoft."

Joe: "They aren't teenieboppers! They're linkieboppers!"

Joe: "I lost my house, can I have yours?"

Joe: "Mr. Hahn has a split personality named 'Remy.' Remy is a dangerous man. He keeps the rest of us on our toes."

Joe: "In a year from now we probably won't be around, so we'll see you on 'Behind The Music.'"

Joe: "Mike is so cute. I want to have his kids."

Joe: "We're going to put the glass under the couch and then put the table under the bed so they hopefully don't find it and charge us for it."

Joe: "Linkin Park chat! Word up! Everyone gets in except for me and when I do get in, they don't believe that it’s me."

Joe with a megaphone: "Mike Shinoda… paging Mike Shinoda…"