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Welcome to my Page Date :06-10-03
What up Peeps!!

That's it the site is now on lock!!!!
welcome to the page of Mr Sinister. Well were can I start.... I'm a man from the dirty South with St Lucia Jamaica parentage so you now you've seen me all over the place from bashment to soca the list goes on. contrary to the name in a fun loving person how cant be taken seriously with a love 4 life. (I need not make enemies Life is to short). I cant not mention the clan so i have to make some noise for the U.B.S. and N.W.O. people dem before I end my lil Essay.

Page to quite!!! Date: 26-11-03

Wouln't Normally add music to a page but had to represent (Just a lil) lol

If ya not feelin what im feelin
you can stop it still by clicking on da stop button.

Mi Amor -- Troots N' Ice ( playing)
Push - Imij & Co

Colours Running Back a bit Date: 22-11-03
Sorry Peeps true to style in running on hackey mean time havent had time to do much to my lil page but still found a lil pic from the past that a said I would put up (Ya see Just coz its late doesnt meen its not going to happen lol).

To make life easy everybody but the below in da pics
Mr Nasty Love, Mr Do Nasty, Destroyer, Deroy Jr, Credable, Charma, T and SoulJah


Colours Running tings for this year Date: 25-10-03
Well What can I say if any of you went to colours pyjama party then yall know........ I needent say anything more coz ya know :)

Of course I have to shout out to the full crew:
Mr Nasty Love, BachanalBoy, Warrior 2012, Mr Do Nasty, Mr Sinister, Mr Arsenal, Destroyer, Deroy Jr, Credable, Charma, Pilgrim, Austin, JedI, T and SoulJah


After Thought Date:09-10-03

I should be changing the slide show every few weeks put if I don't .... bwoy im a busy person.

Any Way like a said haven't got much to say so that's my lil piece done for the day. All I can say rate da page leave a message in da G-book and if you want to know something that I haven't put on the page ask me. I might Just answer.. LOL

Piece and Love

Mr Sinister.

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