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Hi everyone! My name's FireStar, and thank you for visiting my Writing Page. I'm an author of many different types of stories, though the styles are, for the most part...the same..
I tend to write fanfiction for friends. Whatever artist they want actually. They just tell me what they want the story to be about and I'll write it for them. On my own, I tend to write with a dark style/tone. Also on this page, you'll find poems, or songs or short stories written by some of my friends.
I hope you enjoy everything I have here. Thanks again for visting! :-)
October 11, 2005- Well I decided to organize this place a bit. There are new poems up. I know I haven't updated Black Rose II in a while. I'm sorry. I've been busy and I don't have my laptop. I've been using crazy MACs and mom's laptop. Mom's laptop leads to little time, since it's dial up. :( So bear with me. k?
New stuff under Poems
The Bridge"
BTW: I'm remaking the LOM RPG. So far, I believe that has been my best one. LOL So hopefully it works out eh? LOL See y'all later! *~*FireStar*~*