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Kelli Loves Hawaii!!!

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Paradise in the Pacific

I recently had the extreme pleasure of traveling with my family to visit the island of Hawaii. Actually, I should say islands, because there are several islands in the state of Hawaii, each with its own features. On this trip, we spent most of our time on Maui, leaving us a good excuse for a return visit to explore the other islands!

Diving in Molokini crater was a breathtaking experience-especially when the shark swam beneath us! Another meaningful experience, but in a very different vein, took place when we visited Oahu to tour Pearl Harbor. Although a somber excursion, it is not to be missed.

If you are wondering if Hawaii should be your next vacation spot, visit the links below for a preview of what this Paradise in the Pacific has to offer!

The State of Hawaii

Islands: Oahu The Big Island (Hawaii) Molokai Kauai

Ed Wiens, University of Waterloo

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