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It is early fall and on the quiet back roads just outside of New South Wales in Sydney Australia the sound of a car can be herd in the distance. The cool night air is damp form the Heavy rain that had just stopped moments ago. The twisted road along with the water and the mud has made the driving conditions dangerous, the car that was herd in the distance finally comes into view form around a corner.(sceen changes to the drivers view) In the car there are four people a young girl sitting beside the driver and two young men sitting in the back, they all appear to be about 17 or so.

Driver: So where do you guys want to go now?

Man in the back: Well it's only 10:00 and you don't need to have the car back until midnight what do you say we pull off into the bushes for a bit and have some fun if you know what I mean.

Woman in front passenger seat: Josh get real you know we would never touch you.

Josh: Come on you know you want me.

Other man in the back seat: Hey Jordan what do you say we go get some coffee.

Jordan: I guess coffee it is.

As the car turns another corner a kangaroo darts infront of the car.

Woman in front passenger seat: LOOK OUT!

Jordan grabs the wheel and turns it sharply, as she is about to hit the breaks the car falls into a ditch and flips several times. Now nothing can be seen but blackness and the sound of sirens can be herd in the distance. All of a sudden Jordan wakes up in a cold sweat safe in her seat of the airplane when a voice can be herd over the plane flight 983 will soon be landing please make sure you seatbelts are buckled.

Jordan's Thoughts: It has been 2 years since the accident yet the nightmares seem to almost be getting worse i'v been having the same one now at least once a week, when will it stop?

Jordan looks down at the scars on her wrists from the knife that she had taken to it only months before.

Jordan's thoughts: I miss them more than any thing we grew up together and we promised that we would die together but it never happened that way Josh and Leah left Matt and I behind some days I hate them for leaving me. Matt has not been the same since that day and now I feel bad because i'm the one who got Josh and leah killed and left Matt to sit in a chair and rot never being abel to walk for the rest of his life it was my fault now i'm the one who is still alive and i'm the one who has the career now. I should of been the one to die not them! Josh and Leah I miss you, there is never a day that goes bye that I dont think of you.

Jordan brushes the hair out of her face and sits back in the seat. and the plane starts to land. When the plane has landed and the doors open for every one to exit, Jordan walks off the plane gets her luggage and proceeds to the cab that is waiting for her just out side the airport.

Jo Dee Messina - Bring On The Rain