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Insulux's Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball GT Fan Site!

My Favorite DB/DBZ/DBGT Characters!

My Favorite Web Sites!

This is my Yu Yu Hakusho Fan Site!
This is my Best Friend's Site!

I am adding over 500 Character Bios to the Site as of now! I am also adding a fight guide that lists all 187 FIGHTS in the DB/DBZ manga series! I am also going to make an Episode Guide to the DBZ series and it will have reviews consisting of the Android Saga through the Buu Saga! I will also have a DBGT Episode Guide! While your here click on the links to the other sites! I will also start having DBZ Comics that you can read, right now I am making comics the main character is Shinron the Son of Shenron and Pan! You are probably wondering how they had a baby, well that is a Secret! If my links to my other sites do not work just type in the URL for it! Here you go My Yu Yu Hakusho Site then my best friend's site is Thanks and come again soon because I will have updates every week if possible!