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Hollywood Interview

Hollywood was in G.L.O.W. "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" for the entire 4 seasons while it existed (started in 1986) . She was only 18 when she first entered GLOW. Hollywood was known for her cocky attitude and bad girl image in the ring, which we loved, lol. Hollywood and Vine together were GLOW's Tag-Team Champions. Hollywood is an actress, stunt woman, model, of course Wrestler, and might I add, just a sweet and pleasant girl which you’ll find out for yourself in the interview.

Hollywood Interview with Iceman:

Iceman: Wow, I get to talk to the lovely Hollywood, nice. So how are you doing today Hollywood?

Hollywood: Pretty darn good!

Iceman: Did or do you watch much Wrestling? Did or do you have a favorite Wrestling organization? AWA, NWA, WWF, WCW, ECW, TNA, etc.

Hollywood: AWA …Don’t watch it much anymore maybe WWF here and there.

Iceman: Did you have a favorite Wrestler growing up? Male or Female?

Hollywood: Jesse the “Body” Ventura, and Penny Banner.

Iceman: What made you first decide to audition for GLOW "Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling"? How did you even find out about it? I just have to say, wow, sure glad you did and had the courage too because look what came out of it.

Hollywood: An audition in Hollywood through my agency.

Iceman: How did it go when you were trying out for GLOW? Were you nervous? Did you think you'd make the cut?

Hollywood: Yes at first I thought I don’t know anything about Wrestling, but once in the ring with trainer Mondo Guerrero it went pretty smooth.

Iceman: How did you get teamed up with "Vine" to form the famous Tag-Team called "Hollywood & Vine"? Were you 2 friends before GLOW? Lol, sorry, gotta laugh and shake my head, but only because those were some great days growing up and you 2 were great together, definitely my favorite Wrestlers to watch there. "Hollywood and Vine" were also GLOW's Tag-Team Champions incase anybody didn't know.

Hollywood: Never knew any of the gals that were in GLOW, however Sally the “Farmer’s Daughter” and I went to the same High School.

Iceman: How did you like working with "Vine"? Did you 2 become good friends and hangout outside of Wrestling? Are you still friends with her today or ever see her?

Hollywood: Vine and I were never really good, good friends, she was from Canada and me Los Angeles. She seemed to argue with me as to whom would come out first for matches, and towards the end we did not hang out too much… They had us staying in the same room for 2 seasons. We kinda got tired of each other and on each other’s nerves. She was a very nice gal to Wrestle with.

Iceman: Who were some of your closet friends in GLOW Wrestling? Do you still see or hangout with any of them?

Hollywood: Godiva, MTV, Mt. Fiji, and Lightning. I still do lots of things with Lightning all the time.

Iceman: Who were some of the toughest competitors inside the GLOW ring, besides yourself of course, lol.

Hollywood: Mt. Fiji, she was 350 lbs.

Iceman: Who do you think you had your best Wrestling Matches against or who did you enjoy Wrestling the most?

Hollywood: Cheyenne Cher, Vicky Victory, Tina and Ashley, Americana, and Tammy Jones.

Iceman: What did you think of David McLane (Promoter for GLOW)?

Hollywood: He was excellent at what he did!

Iceman: How did you feel when GLOW finally came to an end? What was the reaction of some of the other GLOW Wrestlers as well?

Hollywood: Why?? Kinda sad, same for the other gals too.

Iceman: Do you miss the days of GLOW Wrestling?

Hollywood: Absolutely!

Iceman: What was your favorite memory of being in GLOW?

Hollywood: Touring! Playboy Magazine, guest starring on “Married with Children”.

Iceman: Have any funny stories from when you were there?

Hollywood: Oh gosh too many to list!! When my book comes out in the future you can read it all there!!

Iceman: What did you think about WOW "Woman Of Wrestling" in 2000-2001? Who I believe David McLane was also the promoter of. Were you or any of the other GLOW Wrestlers approached to be in it? To be honest I knew nothing about it and only heard about it recently from my Wrestling Chat Forum.

Hollywood: Don’t know too much about WOW and no one from GLOW was asked to do WOW.

Iceman: Were you ever approached or did you try to get into another Wrestling Company (WWF, WCW, ECW, etc.) once GLOW ended or during that period?

Hollywood: I auditioned for WWF in early 1999 but had just broke my leg in Nov of 98 and was not ready for the big time.

Iceman: Did/do you have any favorite Wrestling Moves or Holds?

Hollywood: Love arm bars, sleeper holds, Camel Clutches, DDT’s, Bull Dogs, and Frankensteiners!

Iceman: If you could Wrestle any Woman Wrestler past or present, who would it be and why?

Hollywood: Penny Banner! Would love to have learned from Her!

Iceman: If you could change one thing about your Wrestling Career, what would you change?

Hollywood: Not a thing!

Iceman: Who do you think was the Best or most Entertaining Wrestler you've ever seen, past or present, male or female? What impressed you about them the most?

Hollywood: Penny Banner by far! She was not afraid she just went for it and that was some hardcore kick ass Wrestling she did too. Her book “Banner Days” is excellent!

Iceman: Do you currently Wrestle Professionally for any Organizations?

Hollywood: IWF and a few here and there.

Iceman: Ever a chance we'll see you in the WWE or TNA? That would be really cool, I could picture you in TNA more than the WWE though, mostly because I think your too nice and sweet to be in the WWE and work for Vince.

Hollywood: Probably not, sorry.

Iceman: What do you think of Elizabeth (RIP), who some call the first Lady of Wrestling?

Hollywood: I am sorry I don’t know much about Liz…..Again I go back to Penny Banner, June Byers, Millie Stafford, Belle Star, Moolah, Judy Grabel, and Rita Cortez, those woman really paved the way for Woman’s Wrestling in my book! They busted their butts every match!

Iceman: What do you think of Vince McMahon?

Hollywood: Not much really.

Iceman: What do you think about "Current" Wrestling today as opposed to when you first got involved in Wrestling?

Hollywood: Lots and lots of new gals are in the Indy scene now and I think it is great!

Iceman: I know you do and have done some acting. "Married with Children" was one of my favorite shows ever, I also enjoyed "In Living Color", and how was it to work on both of those shows?

Hollywood: I had a blast everyone was so very nice to work with!

Iceman: Heard you were also on an episode of the "Dating Game". I take it you were the one choosing who you wanted to date. How did it go? Did you find the man of your dreams on there? Lol.

Hollywood: It went fine that was many years ago, I was NOT looking for the man of my dreams on a TV show. The TV shows would use celebrities or Wrestlers or people they thought would make their show go well, so I just went for it when asked it was fun!!

Iceman: Are you married, have a boyfriend, or any kids? If you are married or have a boyfriend, how or where did you meet him? If you are single, want to go on a date with the Iceman sometime? Lol.

Hollywood: A steady boyfriend, met him through some friends!

Iceman: I heard you have helped many Charities, that is really great and I give you a lot of respect for that. Do you have a favorite Charity you help out the most?

Hollywood: Right now it’s the National Breast Cancer foundation, my mother was diagnosed with it and is doing really well Thank God! National Breast Cancer

Iceman: What are some of your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing for fun?

Hollywood: Taking classes in web design, just finished up with Photoshop, exercising as much as I can, and hanging with my boyfriend and good friends!

Iceman: How do you stay in such great shape all these years? You still look as good as you did in the days of GLOW Wrestling, I'm impressed.

Hollywood: Exercise and eat right! I also have been trying to get more stunt work, I worked on an episode of “Jag” before it was cancelled after 10 years.

Iceman: I know you have your own Production Company called, "Hollywood Productions", can you tell us a little bit about it and what you do?

Hollywood: I produce all the Wrestling videos!! Oh and it is spelled Hollywould Prods.

Iceman: So what is your website mostly about? I also see you sell Wrestling Videos that your currently involved in. Want to tell us about your Wrestling Videos?

Hollywood: There is a member’s area, which has video clips and tons of pics of pro-style, cat fighting, and super heroine type videos. I produce and sell all the DVD’s on the site. My other site has downloadables and that site rocks for that kind of stuff!! Wrestling Babe

Iceman: Any comments about anything you'd like to add Hollywood?

Hollywood: Thank you very much for letting me do this interview.
Xo Hollywood

Iceman: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview Hollywood, it's been a pleasure doing it with you, so glad I got to meet and talk to you.

For more information on Hollywood, or to become a member on her site, or even purchase one of her Wrestling videos, check out her website: Hollywood’s Web Kitten

Interview Conducted: June 9th, 2006

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