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ELW "Extreme Levittown Wrestling"

Current Title Holders:
Heavyweight Champion: Matt the "Animal" Ott
Intercontinental Champion: "Italian Ice" Damien Colletti
Tag-Team Champions: "TPM" Trailer Park Mafia, Hans "Dr Death" Deppenschmidt and the "Rowdy Redneck" Kyle Deppenschmidt
Womens Champion: "Screaming" Suzi Lorraine
Truman Champion: Steve the "Washer & Dryer" McShane
Bicycle Champion: "Blackjack Ketchum" Kevin Dziegelewski
Dumpster Champion: Reggie Lamar Cook
Hubcap Champion: "Crazy" Eddie Maurer
Mexican Champion: "El Matador" Brain Lessman
Extreme Champion: Vacant
Music Champion: The "Activator" Augusto Roderick of Paintbox
6 Man Tag-Team Champions: "Italian Ice" Damien Colletti, Brad "Artistic Velocity" Mickles, and Greg the "Polish Hammer" Przchowski

ELW News and Updates:

11-10-2016. This Friday night "Rock N Wrestling" is back! The musical band Paintbox will be playing at McStews Irish Pub in Levittown, Pennsylvania while ELW Wrestlers "Italian Ice" Damien Colletti, Teddy "Nacho Man" Savage, "Lost Girl" Nicole Ebinger, "Kid Watts" (Eric Watkins), The "Activator" Augusto Roderick and more will be signing autographs! Let's "Rock N Roll" ladies and gentlemen!

11-5-2016. ELW has signed Fairless Hills veteran Dave "Double Dibble" Griffiths and the Pied Piper of Fallsington Greg Pringle going into the weekend! Dave brings his finishing moves the "Statue of Liberty" and "Alley OopZ" along with him! Dave said he signed because he was after the vacant ELW Extreme Belt! It is believed that the Pied Piper of Fallsington has magical powers when he plays his instrument so beware or possibly became enchanted folks! Greg said he is after one thing and one thing only! The "Living Legend" Brian Lessman! Greg said he will find Lessman, make him come forth, and pay his dues to the great people of the United States!

6-6-2011. More breaking news over the weekend! ELW has signed Screen Queen "Screaming" Suzi Lorraine who also became ELW's Womens Champion in the same night! Talk about making an Impact! Wooooooo! Also Monique the "Original Gata" Dupree was signed to a contract! Gata Gata Gata fever is now here ladies and gentlemen! ELW's Womens Division just got a major boost!

6-5-2011. Well a new Belt was created last night folks. A "6 Man Tag-Team Belt" which was defended successfully by Italian Ice (Damien Colletti), Brad "Artistic Velocity" Mickles, and Greg the "Polish Hammer" Przchowski. Brad's now famous chant of "we're 50 men deep" could be heard from all around the arena last night!

1-26-2010. The band "Paintbox" has joined forces with ELW Wrestling! This could have a huge impact like when Cyndi Lauper joined the WWF back in the 80s! Music and Wrestling finally together again!

10-1-2007. "Mr. Hollywood", the Actor and Model known in ELW as "Italian Ice" Damien Colletti has a new cologne out which is now available in stores called, "Arrogance"! Just like the label on the box reads, "Ahh, feel the refreshing and vibrant aroma of Arrogance!" Pick some up today!!!

7-22-2006. Sarah "Big Guns" Bokan has arrived and was just signed in ELW!!! With her finishing move, "The Dance of Death" she could be deadly and shake up the Womans Division in ELW. Rumor has it she may even be teaming up with "Chainsaw" (Jen McCusker) in the near future. If that happens an ELW Tag-Team Belt may be right around the corner for them. Watch out everybody, you've been warned!!!

6-15-06. Wow!!! It's official now as of today. ELW has signed the mysterious "El Whopo Gartinez, the 40oz Slinging Swordsman" (Joe Whop). Equipped with a 40 of Malt Liquor and a Sword, how can he lose? He doesn't, that's just it. But there are many of tough opponents here in ELW. The reason the signing has took so long is that "El Whopo" resides in Florida so ELW official (Brian Lessman) met with him halfway in South Carolina at the "OCB" and the signing took place during an "Eat Off" between ELW's own Hans "Dr. Death" Deppenshmidt and Reggie Cook's Brother. So today was a really big event and fun for all ELW fans of all ages!!!

12-16-05. ELW has just signed the "Scarecrow" (Dave Wamble) and "Rugged" Ronnie Swangler. This Tag-Team is sure to have an Impact here in ELW. The "Scarecrow" had this to say in his press conference earlier today, "I'm the Scarecrow, Boo, ha ha ha" and he did his little dance after that.

7-22-05. Well it's offical. Last night ELW has come to terms with the man who has Tree Trunks for Arms, the "Ox" (Ed Oberthorn), with his finishing moves "Basic Education" and "Bronco Buster". When interviewed after the signing at "Da Bar" the "Ox" had this to say, "Well I basically fish in the morning and then it's F-ing ELW all night long". I personally think the "Ox" will be a nice addition to ELW.

4-24-05. Undefeated ELW Heavyweight Champion, Frank "Arm & Hammer" Murphy has retired from Wrestling. He has never been beaten in ELW. When asked why he wanted to retire he said, "I want to be more involved with my family and want to watch my little one grow." What a great respectable man and Wrestler Frank is. His presence in ELW will be missed greatly. The ELW Heavyweight Title is now vacant.

2-16-05. ELW has signed 2 new Wrestlers today. The "Iran Sheik" (Matt Coles) who's finishing moves are the "Camel Jerk" and "Wrap Around". His first day being here in ELW the "Sheik" has already signed a "Flag Match" against "El Matador" (Brian Lessman) which with take place later in March. The ELW "Mexican" Title which is held by "El Matador" will be on the line folks. Mexico vs Iran, and it's personal. It is believed that there is a long history between these two and that is why the "Iran Sheik" has signed in ELW. Also signed today was "40" (Jason Crofer) with his finishing move, "40 & Blunts".

2-5-05. "Stimp Da Pimp" (Brian Powers) celebrated his 22nd Birthday with fellow Wrestlers and fans at one of ELW's famous locations "Da Bar". There was a band, and right before they played, Stimp Da Pimp's Birthday was announced making it official. Some of the Wrestlers that were in attendance were: Kevin the "Tower of Power" Ryan, "Italian Ice" (Damien Colletti), Hans "Dr.Death" Deppenshmidt, and Shawn "Shoe Shine" Ryan. The "Flaming Flannel" (Scott Fontana) was even doing face painting for girls 16 and under. It was a blast!!!

1-14-05. Today is a sad day in Extreme Levittown Wrestling and I hate to be the one to release this bad news first, but I must. Kevin the "Tower of Power" Ryan has announced his retirement from ELW (for the 5th time in his career). He will be missed greatly and we can only hope one day he will return. I'll miss you my brother. Take care and good luck. (I guess that 1 win, 15 losses, and 4 draws record didn't help matters either).

1-6-2005. ELW has officially signed "Blackjack Ketchum" (Kevin Dziegelewski). "Blackjack" protects ranchers from ruthless cattle barons, with his finishing move called the "Jig is Up". I know who he's after, "Cactus" Jack Hayworth. Blackjack said in an interview, "Cactus Jack's done wrong for too long".

12-22-2004. The "Rowdy Redneck" (Kyle Deppenschmidt) who's famous for his finishing moves, the "Barrel Roll" and "Hitch-Kick" extends his winning streak to 11-0 while winning his last match at Breezy Acres Trailer Park. The "Rowdy Redneck" is a unique wrestler for those who don't know him. He only challenges females from the audience who think they can beat and pin him to a wrestling match. He's now 11-0, good work "Rowdy Redneck".

Levittown, Fairless Hills, Langhorne, Pennsbury, Truman, LBC, Lower Bucks County, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York ......Wrestling!!!

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