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Wrestler "Brief Bios"

Randy "Macho Man" Savage

Real Name - Randy Poffo

Height - 6'2

Favorite Moves - Flying Elbow Drop, and Double Axe Handle, both from the top rope.

Relationship Status - Brother to "Leaping" Lanny Poffo. Randy dated Debbie Combs for 5 years while they were both working in ICW "International Championship Wrestling". Randy's father Angelo Poffo was the promotor for ICW. Randy married Elizabeth in real life for a little more than 7 years. From December 30, 1984 through September 18, 1992. They met while Elizabeth was an announcer and host in ICW Wrestling. Lanny Poffo was also a Wrestler there. Randy dated Georgous George (then 22 years old) in real life who he brought into WCW Wrestling when he was there.

History - Randy played baseball in college and was on the minor league teams for the Cincinatti Reds, and Chicago White Sox. He played Catcher. It was while Randy was playing baseball that his father brought up the idea of Wrestling to Randy. Then Randy decided to get into the Wrestling world. Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage had some great matches in the WWF. Soon after Randy came to the WWF he would always challenge Hogan and say he was Wrestling chumps and to take on a real man, a "Macho Man", and even had Elizabeth go to the ring and announce this after Hogan's matches. When they finally Wrestled for the first time Randy beat Hogan the first 2 matches they ever had. Both matches were by out smarting Hogan and having him get counted out of the ring, unfortunitly the belt couldn't switch hands this way though. The 3rd match was a "Lumberjack" match which Hogan won. Randy held the Intercontinental Title the third longest in WWF history. He held it for 1 year, 1 month, and 21 days. From February 1986 through March 1987. Randy was the WWF World Heavyweight Champion for 1 year and 6 days. From March 27, 1988 - April 2, 1989. When Randy finally lost the World Heavyweight Title to Hulk Hogan it was the same day the Ultimate Warrior lost the Intercontinental Title to Rick Rude (the Warrior gained it back 4 months later). Only 1 of 7 Wrestlers have ever become the Heavyweight Champion in both the WWF and WCW, Randy Savage is one of them.

WWF Intercontinental Title Defenses "Wins" (February 1986 - March 1987) (Number of Wins) - George the "Animal" Steele (28), Ricky the "Dragon" Steamboat (18), Tito Santana (11), "Rowdy" Roddy Piper (5), Junk Yard Dog (5), Billy Jack Haynes (3), Honky Tonk Man (3), Pedro Morales (2), SD Jones (2), Tony Garea, Bruno Sammartino, King Kong Bundy, Koko B.Ware, Jake the "Snake" Roberts, Hulk Hogan (count-out).

WWF Heavyweight World Champion Title Defenses "Wins" (March 27, 1988 - April 2, 1989) (Number of Wins) - Ted Dibiase (35), Bad News Brown (22), Ultimate Warrior (11), Akeem the "African" Dream (5), Rick Rude (4), Andre the Giant (3), Dino Bravo (3), King Haku (3), Virgil (2), Red Rooster, Raymond Rougeaus, One Man Gang.

WWF Heavyweight World Champion Title Defenses "Wins" (April 5, 1992 - September 1, 1992) (Number of Wins) - Ric Flair (46), Mountie (5), Shawn Michaels (4), Kamala, IRS.

Magor Belts Won:

  • NWA Tag-Team Champion in 1977 with Lanny Poffo. They beat Davis Shults and Bill Ash.
  • NWA Heavyweight Champion in 1978. He beat Dutch Mantell.
  • NWA Heavyweight Champion in 1978. He beat Dutch Mantell.
  • ICW Heavyweight Champion in 1979. He beat Lanny Poffo.
  • ICW Heavyweight Champion in 1981. He beat Lanny Poffo.
  • ICW Heavyweight Champion in 1982. He beat Lanny Poffo.
  • NWA Heavyweight Champion in 1983. He beat Terry Taylor.
  • AWA Heavyweight Champion in 1985. He beat Jerry Lawler.
  • AWA Heavyweight Champion in 1985. He beat Jerry Oske.
  • WWF Intercontinental Champion in 1986. He beat Tito Santana.
  • WWF Heavyweight Champion in 1988. He beat Ted Dibiase in Wrestlemania IV Tournament for the vacant title.
  • WWF Heavyweight Champion in 1992. He beat Ric Flair.
  • USWA Heavyweight Champion in 1993. He beat Jerry Lawler.
  • WCW Heavyweight Champion in 1995. He won the WW3 Battle Royal for the vacant title.
  • WCW Heavyweight Champion in 1996. He beat Ric Flair.
  • WCW Heavyweight Champion in 1998. He beat Sting.

    Rob Van Dam, "RVD"

    Real Name - Rob Szatkowski

    Birthplace - Battle Creek, Michigan

    Height - 6'0

    Favorite Moves - Springboard Van Daminator, Van Terminator, 5 Star Frog Splash.

    Trained by - Rob Van Dam was trained by the "Sheik" when he was 18. Sabu was the Sheik's nephew. The Sheik trained both RVD and Sabu at the same time. The Sheik also trained Scott Steiner and other Wrestling stars as well. Rob orginally wanted to be trained by Killer Kowalski, but he didn't have enough money and the Sheik only lived about 45 minutes from his house. Rob and Sabu became good friends and wrestled all around the world. Rob gives Sabu a lot of credit for showing him the ropes in the Wrestling world.

    History - After Rob's brief stint in WCW where he didn't get the push or status he wanted he decided to leave. He went to go and Wrestle in Japan, that's when ECW took an interest in Rob so he continued his Wrestling tour in Japan and took part in ECW at the same time (later strickly ECW full time). Sabu had a big history throughout his Wrestling career in Japan while Rob made appearances here and there with Sabu. Rob also stared in two martial art movies in Japan (Superfights and Blood Moonand) and one later in his career in Thailand (Black Mask 2).

    ECW World TV Title - Rob held this title from April 4, 1998, through March 4, 2000 (23 months), this is an ECW record. Rob only lost the title due to a "real" injury from a match (which he finished and won) and later couldn't defend it, he was out of ECW for some time due to this injury. He had a broken ankle/lower leg from a baseball type slide move that he did in that match which was with Rhino (house show, non-televised match). He was never defeated while having the ECW Television title.

    Fun Facts - Owns a comic book store in California called "RVD's 5-Star Comics". His favorite comic book ever is the Marvel comic, "Ghost Rider". Rob was influenced by "Leaping" Lanny Poffo who shares a similar Wrestling style as Rob.

    I try to include different and rare interests in these Wrestler's Biographies. Hope you enjoyed the Brief Bio about them.

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