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Favorite Animes

My Favorite Web Sites

Angelfire - Free Home Pages
Misocathlush (the message boards of my manga!

Okay, this site is about the best animes on earth... ^_^ even though they are all so fantastic!! ^_^!!

Sephiroth is the best Final Fantasy VII character there is!! ^_^!!

But I have to admit, Ranma 1/2 and Chobits beat them all!! ^_^!! don't you agree?

These are my drawn Pictures that I have so far... enjoy viewing them!! This one is named Cato Magumo she is based upon my personality and she is part cat...
He is Lucius Legato, he is part wolf. He has an evil side who is no long with us.........
This is Shiro Kusanagi, she is part Pheonix!! ^___^!! Pheonix style Shiro
This is Theophille Morino... He is part tiger!! (and also the only guy in the manga... ^____^!!)
This picture my Friend drew of her own character... her character is Sola Kojima.. she is part sea serpent! ^___^!
These characters are all part of one big manga I am making along with my two friends Miko Herikawa and Sola Kojima.... Miko is the only person I don't have a picture for yet... but I hope to get one in soon!! ^___^!! I have a piccy of Cato that I drew and it was soo funny I had to scan it!! >___ And if you wanna see the beginning of the manga here is the first page of it ^___^!! enjoy! Cheers, Cato Magumo