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Sugar Momma Photos Page 4

Sugar Momma Photos Page 4

The Last Page..for now! I'm sure I'll have more to add in the future, when I get all of my stuff from the other house and when I take more photos in the future! I hope you enjoyed your personal album!!!

My first session as an LAIHA Ranger, 2002

Beach in San Diego, April 2004

Dressing for a game, 2002

My Birthday Bear and flowers, July 2004..the best ever!!!

Captain Disney, Grayson Lake, Fall 2004

Me and Heath at Prom 1990

LAIHA Winter Champs, Red Wings, March 2004

Red River Gorge 1995

Salad Prep at Teaberry's (now Texas Roadhouse) 1994

Lexington friends in Toronto with our Hamilton buds!

My first ever new car..1995 4x4 Toyota pickup truck...YEE HAW!!!

We're workin' up a sweat dancing in Cincinnati! August 2004