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Sugar Momma Photos Page 3

Sugar Momma Photos Page 3

WOW, even MORE!!!...

Winning my car in 2001!

Dad and Me, Cancun 2001

Of course, my eyes are closed while taking a photo with my first fav hockey player, Steve Guolla! 2001

with Rally, Fanz in the Stanz March '04

Me and Sharlene at Joe B's 2001

Karate tourny, around 1985!

Laura Meckley and me in Gatlinburg, 2000

New Year's party, with friends from Cincy and Philadelphia, in Cincy Dec 2000

My Cincy friends, Beth and Joanna, and me, New Year's Dec 2000

Sharlene and Jim, from Cleveland, and me, on New Year's Dec 2003 in Columbus

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Phone calls to friends, Dec 2003

New Year's Drunk "face"! Dec 2003


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