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Angelfire Logos

     This is my side of the story, go here to read their side..

     Now angelfire Rules. It was  and still the Easiest and Fastest free home pages on the net. Added too many tools to use on your site.

     Now 20 MB




     Old Angelfire Logos

     The 5 MB days logos

     Lycos took over, more space and more tools, major face lift. Front Page 2000 support, Script Library, powerful FTP, Sub directories up to 4 levels, Angelfire Arcade , html Gear and more.. Angelfire club started




     The 200K days logos

     WhoWhere? took over and they give us more space, and lift the waiting period for uploaded images. Animation started all over the net, and so the Java applet. The most famous one was and still the lake applet. Netscape 3 and IE 3 where at war.




     The 35K days logos

     The only Big crash happened wiped out all angelfire sites only the webmasters with backup survived, the same day David's FAQ was born. We used a simple message board every now and then goes in comma and it needed a jump start.





     The 25K days logos

     Two basic pages and your site is done. It use to take 24 t0 48 hours waiting period to clear the uploaded images, Oops I meant image. Friends on the Web was born












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