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Breanne's Blog

Saturday, 2 April 2005

i moved
i have moved from here to my user name is blackdragon192 so if u wanna talk to me there go ahead. but im not gonna be using this blog anymore. so goodbye.

Posted by dragon2/flamingavacodo at 4:55 PM EST
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Friday, 3 December 2004

Mood:  down
Now Playing: um.... the voices in my head
hello all. i havent blogged in a while. im once again in an avacodo mood. so im just letting u know that if u do not wish to hear me bitch and complain then please exit this site. most of u probably know the band and flag team had a concert thingy and we didnt pretty well.... but of course my family didnt care to compliment me or praise me or even say anything at all about the band or flag team. except of course jason who i would go insane without. so i felt just a little hurt. but it only worsened later. because later my dear sweet mother had to start talking about this trip to mexico that she wants to take in later in december and me and jason are just kind of like we dont want to go. a couple of reasons for this. 1 is that whenever i go on a "vacation" with my family it never is that vacationy. it does the opposite of what a vacation is supposed to do. 2 is that i just get a bad vibe from it or something. theres like a barrier in my head or something telling me that something not so good is going to happen if i go. 3 is that my canadian family would be going and its not that i dont want to see my cousin jenna who i used to very close to. its just that were 2 totally different people now and just to different. she lives in CANADA. so shes sweet and too innocent for me to stand. whereas im no so sweet and not innocent at all. last time i saw her i was in an avacodo mood for the entire trip and was depressed the whole time. so it didnt turn out to well. reason #4 is that we would come back christmas day rush to a different airport to pick somemore relatives from CANADA and go home where my mom would yell and scream at just because she could or because she would take out her stress over her parents coming to town on me. 5th reason for not wanting to go is that my mom would once again yell at me for everything she could possibly think of. so today i got a lecture from my mother about how ungrateful i was because i dont want to go vacation and that all i care about is the presents on christmas not the family. i dont care that much for family. but... presents... i havent said a word about presents and quite honestly dont really care. i find that everyday i care less and less about things. anyways.... the point is that i really dont have a point and just feel like raving and ranting cause im in a shitty mood. oh wait i relized that i want only 1 thing for christmas. and that is.... guess.... cmon guess.... a boyfriend. thats all i want. goodbye.

Posted by dragon2/flamingavacodo at 12:57 AM EST
Updated: Friday, 3 December 2004 1:10 AM EST
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Tuesday, 14 September 2004

I Got A Guitar
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Modest Mouse- Float On
this entry is gonna be short. oh well. im really happy. i got a guitar for my b-day on sunday. im so happy. its a full size ibanez guitar. its silver and very shiny. the sound is awesome. it has 4 knob thingys. im not sure what each one does yet. i know that 2 set volume and the other 2 are for tone quality or sumthin. im just gonna fool around with them a bit and see what they do. my fingers really hurt cause ive been playing so much latley and dont have the calauses yet. oh yah i forgot to say that it was electric. i also got a case and strap and 12 picks to go with it. my dad gave me his old cord and tuner... and one of his amps. my dads a big guitar person. he was in a band when he was teen. i think he has 4 guitars. he has like a billion chords and strings. he has 3 amps and 4 tuners. so i get backups incase anything breaks. happiness. yay. i got a guitar. bye. im gonna go play it now. bye.

Posted by dragon2/flamingavacodo at 11:17 PM EDT
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Sunday, 5 September 2004

My B-days Next Week.... Yay
Mood:  energetic
hello again all. i cant wait til wednesday. it finally my b-day. i will be 15. yay. i know to shayna and amy im still a kid, but i dont care im 15. yay.

im hoping ill get a guitar for my b-day from my parents. if they dont get me one i will be very angry with them. since people have been asking me what a want for my birthday, heres a list. i dont want to many things. most of the stuff i want is too expensive for any1 but family. anyway heres the list.

gift cards to hot topic, best buy and borders. moneys always okay. um... the movies donnie darko, butterfly effect. any green day cds except international superhits... i already have it so i thank brian, any blink 182 cds except the new 1 and the take off ur pants and jacket 1. um... ya.... thats it.

and for once in my life i dont have skool on my b-day. im so happy. most of u know that i hate skool... so im very happy about this. usually skool starts on my b-day... but not this year. so i get to celebrate my b-day on my b-day... ya... happyness... ::jumping up and down with happyness ::

i also wanna say happy 17th b-day to shayna and happy 18th b-day to jp. i know u had a bad b-day jp so i give u extra hugs to make up for it. i will get u both b-day presents eventually. i just dont know when. as soon as i have some money i guess.

thats all i have to say for now... wait no it isnt... 1 more thing... i wanna say hello to sarah... hi sarah... good luck in colledge. hope u meet new people and do great. i miss u and am sry i didnt get to say goodbye... okay im done. goodbye all.

Posted by dragon2/flamingavacodo at 8:34 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 5 September 2004 8:50 PM EDT
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Saturday, 4 September 2004

Bored Bored and more Bored
Mood:  down
hello.... im just bored as the title say... i just feel like raving and ranting at the world right now.. u can read if u wanna.. but u dont have too... i have a pretty boring life.

i dont know if all u guys know or not but im on my the flag team at skool. its fun and all but its a lot of work. i had to get up and 7:00 on a saturday and now because of my lack of sleep i have a huge headache. so yay for me. so if theres a god (which there isnt) i curse him... this a what i get for working hard on flag routines... a fucking headache... well if u exist i hate u. ow... my head.
now that im done ranting at the nonexistent god... on to other things.

brothers are a pain in the ass and i curse them for existing. me and jason used to get along pretty well. but i think sumthin crawled up his a couple days ago cause hes acting like a jackass. i think its just cause hes going in ms... big woop.... sry to tell him thats its really not that great.. skool sucks no matter what grade or skool.
and then theres the little little brother... justin... o god i wanna stab him and stab him and stab him.. til hes rolling around the floor in a puddle of his own blood.. i cannot begin to describe to u the hate i feel for this kid. he came into my life and ruined it. HE RUINED IT. oh i hate him... more proof that the nonexistent god hates me.. he stuck with a snoby bratty crybaby asswhole brother.. i hate the nonexistent god and i curse his name.

i know im complaining a lot right now... but i have a lot of anger issues in my life that no one knows about... not even me. when i with my friends im this really hyper happy insane person.. but when im bymyself i hate the world. my mom wants to put me back on medication cause of the depression thingy and she always asks me y i have friends if im so depressed all the time... shes always saying things like "who would wanna hang with someone as depressed as u" and shit like that.

i also have a lot of issues with my mom... she wants me to be her. for those who havent met her... she a pink diva. all she wears is pink, purple and white. and the make up and the skirts and the dresses and the shoes and her 30 different pursed i cant stand it. and shes not exactly nice either. when ur on her goodside shes a really nice person.. but only around other people... but if just the family she yells and screams about everything. if u do 1 thing wrong shell yell at u about for the next half hour. its not like she physically abuses me or anything... its more verbal and emotional... shes always calling me lazy... bitch... shes always says "are u fucking retarded or sumthin" when i mess up on things she asked me to do. i cant begin to tell u all the hate and emotional pain this bitch has caused me.

for those of u who know me as hyper and insane (shayna) im not always like that... im only like that around my friends cause thats the only time im happy... at home im a depressed blob of sadness.. as my brother calls me... lol... well for those of u who read i thanku... cause now u have an idea of the crazyness of my life.. goodbye all.

Posted by dragon2/flamingavacodo at 10:27 PM EDT
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Sunday, 8 August 2004

god hates me in hell... so w00t
we are all in hell. and heres y. cause girls know that all guys will go to hell. but since i know im going to hell.... wouldnt this already be hell cause this is were guys are so its kinda like torture anyway right.
ha i finally have proof that god hates me. see if we are in hell... which we are... hell is all about torture and pain right... so if there was a god in hell then he would hate me cause that would torture me. the god in hell would purposely hate me just because he could and he would have lots of buttons with every person in hell on it and if hes angry he pushes the breanne burleigh button because he hates me just because he can. and god must hate me even more because i know he hates me and so he when he pushes the breanne burleigh button something horrible will happen in my life. and i will be tortured for all of eternity... so w00t.
in conclusion god hates me and if im not already in hell im going to hell anyway. so yay for me. life sucks and im in hell yay for me. goodbye all. see ya in hell.

Posted by dragon2/flamingavacodo at 4:49 PM EDT
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the avacodo mood sucks
hello all... its like 1 in the morning right now and im just feeling really depressed right now cause it sucks ass. i hate the avacodo mood... those of u who dont know what the avacodo mood its my depressed mood cause i go from really hyper to way depressed really quickly. cause its like the world sucks and u dont know what to do. u feel like u wanna go in a cave and hide there forever... (or at least til ur out of the avacodo mood)
and it doesnt help that the guy i like dont like me the same way and 1 guy does like me but its all like ur a really cool friend but i wouldnt wanna go out with u... sorry. and the fact that my moms gonna be in a bad mood tommorow cause shes stressed about leaving for canada next week so woot...
i said in my last entry that it was gonna be a crudy weekend and what do u know im right... so nuts to u... cant think of anything else to say right now... so goodbye all. good night or at least whats left of it... um oh yeah beware foamys squirrelly wraith.

Posted by dragon2/flamingavacodo at 4:11 AM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 8 August 2004 5:20 PM EDT
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Saturday, 7 August 2004

really sorry
hello everyone. first off i just wanna say im really sorry brian about what happened yesterday. i really wanted u to go and courtney really wanted u to go and were not even sure if were going cause of this whole pam thing. um... i really hope ur not pissed at me and if u are i wouldnt blame u. i just hope that u would forgive me. brian i also want u to know that i did try to convince cj to let u go but he wouldnt give in and he says hes sorry and i know u probably dont care but im sorry to and sean also feels really bad.
for those of u who dont know what happened im sorry for not explaining. its just a really long and complicated story.
um... oh yeah... and hunter if u ever read this i want u to know that im really pissed at u right now because u only know 1 side of what happened on tuesday and for u to call me what u did... grrr... im just so mad at u right now and i really didnt need it... so f u alright.
not much else to say... um.... woot... and hope everyone has a better weekend than i do cause from what it looks like it doesnt look like my weekend will be very fun. so... beware the squirrly wraith of fomay and dont get urself killed over the weekend. goodbye all.

Posted by dragon2/flamingavacodo at 1:56 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 7 August 2004 2:09 PM EDT
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1st blog ever - w00t
hello all. first off i wanna say thank u brian for showing me this. woot. um... really bored. cant wait for tommorow cause im going to city walk with some people. supposed to be fun. um... i dont have much else to say except that foamy rules and beware his squirrly wraith. wootaru. nut to u. goodbye all. i get to go do laundry now. have fun doing whatever it is ur doing. bye. remember beware of foamy wraith.

Posted by dragon2/flamingavacodo at 12:40 AM EDT
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